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More copyright/permission misunderstandings...

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there are some grasping people out there. Just like the several hundred who discovered that they had "lost" a £33m winning Lottery ticket a couple of weeks ago, behind every success lurks the jealous green eyed monster.

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I wouldn't want to comment on this particular case but I can see why a horse owner in that situation, without any understanding of copyright law, might think that they're owed something. You really have to stop and think about the implications of a copyright law that allowed that type of claim before you understand why it wouldn't work. It may also have something to do with the papers being so quick to report those "terrible horse owners". Not sure I can get particularly upset in any direction on this one - better for all if the whole thing had gone unreported to my mind.

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There was a very short mention of it on Martin's FB group. I saw the tail end of it there where the poor woman was trying to shut it down after being monstered (apparently- she'd deleted the thread). But of course she did start it herself by suggesting she was owed money.

Looking on Twatter and Farcebook seems to pass for news reporting these days. Easier than going out with paper and pencil I suppose.

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