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Since about the last week the Alamy stock login page no longer remembers my login Email. It defaults to another address I've never associated with Alamy. Seems like some interaction with Google Chrome and Chromes autofill mechanism. Please review various address retention with Chrome and the Alamy Login.

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Sorry to hi-jack this thread but i have a similar problem to the OP.


On the Alamy login page at the top right beside "My Alamy" it says "Logout". This indicates I am logged in.


Now in the My Alamy drop down menu I click on "My Alamy" expecting to go to my "Dashboard page" but NO it now goes to a login page so I have to enter my email address and login code.


This happens each time I turn on the computer after a shutdown and is becoming a bore.. It does not happen if I move away from the Alamy site to another then come back while the computer is still switched on.


I am using an iMac on Safari.


Any help?



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