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fuji x100T - converting RAW files to pass QC

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Hi Guys,

I love this forum and Your professionalism so I'd like to ask You about converting Raw files in Raw File Converter by SILKYPIX because

I'd just swaped my C50d and 50-200+Sigma 18-35 lenses  to brand new Fuji x100T and be grateful to help me to convert Raw files properly and pass QC.

You wonder why and what was the reason I did it..so..beacause of mirrorless body/small dimensions and art films filters. Maybe it was a bad decision but my intuition tell me..You know;-)

Any tutorial welcome.. 




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Sorry nobody has responded to your request.

I shoot the Fuji X-T1, but I develop mine in Lightroom and PSCC. I have heard Silkypix does good Raw conversions, but maybe is hard to figure out? I personally wouldn't know.


Have you tried searching the 'net for tutorials?



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I've got several versions of Silkypix, gathered over years of being a satisfied user of it. Developer Studio Pro 6 is enough of an improvement over previous versions that it's all I use these days.


I'd recommend opting for the one-month free trial and see what you're able to do with film simulations and HDR options (especially dodge/color burn).


Edit: p.s., I've had no QC rejections of images made with the combination of Fuji X and Silkypix 6.

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