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Found 16 results

  1. For those of you that use Fuji, I had a loan 200mm/F2 for a week, you may be intrested in my thoughts.. https://julieedwards-x.blog/2018/10/08/fujinon-xf-200mm-f2-and-the-dancing-queen/
  2. Fuji user? Wondering about the latest and greatest? These are my thoughts after road testing it for 12 days at the Cannes Film Festival.. https://jexphotography.wordpress.com/2018/06/02/12-days-in-cannes-with-the-x-h1/
  3. Can anyone think of a reason why Adobe ACR (latest cc version) is only correcting for chromatic aberration when opening RAF (RAW) files from Fuji X-T1 with 35mm f/1.4 lens and not applying a correction for distortion or vignetting? There is no separate lens profile available as I understand it, Adobe simply apply what Fuji supply in the RAF file. An information box bottom right corner in ACR confirms it "The RAW file contains a built-in lens profile for correcting chromatic aberration. The profile has already been applied automatically to this image." I have seen other people comment
  4. Anyone here using a Fuji XT2 with the Metabones adaptor for Nikon lenses? I can't for the life of me get the camera's shutter to fire when i have this combination on the body. Works fine on my XPro1.....have i missed a setting on the camera? I can't seem to find one that lets the shutter fire when the body doesnt sense a lens is connected... km
  5. As an early buyer of a Fuji X.Pro 1, amongst the freebies it came with was a book of five vouchers for a yearly free health check. I had not used one of these prior to last week but the Fuji developed a fault in that it was not working properly in manual mode which is my mode of choice. I rang Fuji UK and spoke to a really helpful guy there, told him the problem and he sent me a box and a pre paid bag to return it in along with the voucher. I did point out that whilst any electronic item from any manufacturer could develop a fault, I was less than impressed that a camera not three years old an
  6. Wex taking orders for Fuji X-Pro2, at last they've up'd the resolution to 24mp and given it the fast AF (so they say). looks good, this might be the one to make me let go of my nikons if the AF does what it says on the tin. http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-fuji-x-pro2-digital-camera-body/p1589768
  7. Hi Guys, I love this forum and Your professionalism so I'd like to ask You about converting Raw files in Raw File Converter by SILKYPIX because I'd just swaped my C50d and 50-200+Sigma 18-35 lenses to brand new Fuji x100T and be grateful to help me to convert Raw files properly and pass QC. You wonder why and what was the reason I did it..so..beacause of mirrorless body/small dimensions and art films filters. Maybe it was a bad decision but my intuition tell me..You know;-) Any tutorial welcome.. cheers, Artur
  8. Thinking of jumping ship from Canon to the Fuji XT-1. Has anybody got the XF18-135mm lens, and is it any good! John.
  9. Hi guys, I'm new to Alamy and trying to post some landscape pictures for a QC approval. One of the images is an unmodified OOC JPEG from my Fuji X-T1. To my surprise it got rejected due to "compression artefacts". It was shot at the "fine" setting, which is the best setting the camera offers. Could someone please help me to understand what is wrong and how to get better JPEGs out of the X-T1. Is this something Fuji should be aware of to improve their JPEG engine? The reason I'm shooting OOC JPEGs is the awesome film simulation feature Fuji has. Thanks a lot Petr
  10. I ordered a X100S the other day and am waiting for delivery. I am aware that general opinions are the JPEGs straight out of this camera are very good. Certainly I am going to try and experiment with this camera. However my main workflow is to make images in RAW and to convert them to DNG when downloading by using Lightroom. Yesterday I came across a discussion on the internet (although it was an old thread) that someone was having problems with converting RAF to DNG. I use Lightroom 4.4 (version 10.9) and CS6 on OSX 10.94. Do you think I will have the similar problem? Or was
  11. I've just got a Fuji XT1 and 18-55mm kit lens and am using Lightroom 5.6 for processing. I'm wondering what standard import settings people are using, particularly Clarity/Vibrance; & Capture sharpening. I've been playing about and I'm not convinced that I've got the ideal combo yet. My settings are usually; Clarity +20/Vibrance+16. Standard LR sharpening. These work great with the Canon 5DMKII and the Fuji X100, but seem a bit soft with the XT1. Also I see that Adobe do not have a lens profile for the 18 - 55mm Fuji, any thoughts re this? TIA Phil
  12. Interesting post being pointed to in other Fuji forums. Not tried it yet myself but have a look. http://petebridgwood.com.gridhosted.co.uk/wp/2014/10/x-trans-sharpening/
  13. Hi all Should anyone be interested I have made a blog post about my first 10,000 photographs made using the fuji X-T1 http://markbaigent.co.uk/cms/fuji-xt1-10000/
  14. Given all the discussion on mirrorless cameras, fuji's etc, I thought I would post my blog on my recent experiences testing the X-T1 with a selection of lenses lenses... Warning - contains geekery and lovely images in equal measure ;-) http://www.julieedwardsphotography.co.uk/blog/2014/9/festival-no-6-without-a-mirror
  15. I got my Fuji 18-135mm lens yesterday and while generally pleased, especially with the range (simplifies walkaround kit) I do have a couple of concerns. First: do other people find the last bit of the zoom range ~100-135mm a bit tight and not as smooth as the rest of the action? Secondly: I am finding significant chromatic aberration at the 18mm end of the range. It just about cleans up with the CA correction in Capture 1 Pro but there seems to be a hint of residual fringing. (I will sort out some 100% crops in due course). In the light of recent discussions about QC failing images for
  16. I've had my X-T1 about 6 weeks, now. It has been confusing for me, coming from Nikon. But like anything else, the more you use it the more familiar you get with the functions. I think I've finally found my groove with it, as far as shooting portraits and such. I have yet to try tracking something moving. I shot engagement pictures over the weekend and settled into a comfortable groove. And best of all, I came away without my hand and wrist getting sore. Better than that? The pictures turned out great! The dials on the top are wonderful. I never shot with the old film cameras, so I
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