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Hello and Greetings from Malaysia.

Amril Izan Imran

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Hello fellow photographers,


I am a freelance landscape photographer based in Malaysia.  Just joined Alamy a two weeks ago after reading about Alamy in Practical Photography magazine's July issue.  Alamy has just accepted a batch of my images but I guess there will still be a long way to go to really make some pocket money out of this.  But good to meet fellow photographers all over the world.


Besides Malaysia, I do spend some of my time shooting in Perth, Australia as well as I have lots of family members there. 


Most of my images are uploaded in Flickr and 500px as well.  Feel free to have a look.


Please let me know if anyone of you are coming down to Malaysia.  Can show you lots of interesting places to shoot.


Thanks and keep on shooting ya..

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Welcome, and congrats with getting your first batch of photos through Alamy QC! They look great. I also just got started with Alamy. So far so good, and the Forum community has been really helpful.


Best of luck with everything! 

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Hi Amril,


I am a Malaysian as well. Although I have registered in 2008 I have just uploaded my images recently and started being active with Alamy.


You have a collection of nicely captured photos.


Congrats on being an Alamy member :)

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Yes, Imran, very nice images indeed.


I've been to Malaysia and all those other spots in South East Asia. I remember KL as being hotter than Saigon . . . is that even possible? Maybe i was smoking some funny stuff or drinking too much No. 33 (gone now, sadly) or Tiger beer. 


Stay involved and you will succeed with Alamy. It will not happen overnight. 



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