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  1. Thanks Betty, Yup, looking back at all my images, I do agree that some human elements / interest are missing from my images. Noted on that, will try to shoot with a slightly different approached from now. Cheers everyone..
  2. Dear All, Thanks very much for the valuable insights. I am also new to Alamy and have yet to sell a single image. However and with only 79 images up for sale, i do not expect any sales to come up anytime soon. Browsing on other contributors images, I can't help but noticing that my current batch of images are slightly different from what is being put up on sale by other contributors. Should I change my shooting style? Thanks and appreciate any comments that you all can give. Cheers!!
  3. Yup, I got exactly the same message from a "Miss Rosine". Didn't bother replying. Thanks for the warnings.
  4. Hi Zain, Add me on facebook : Amril Izan Then we can share our photography adventures together.
  5. Hi CJ, Nice to meet you. Yes, I am based in KL too.. and you?
  6. Thank you very much all for the kind welcome and comments! Good to know and see all your wonderful images.
  7. Dear All, Just to provide an update since my last posting. I have since resubmitted the image which was previously failed by Alamy's QC due to "Soft Due to Size". Glad to report that this image had passed Alamy's QC and is now accepted for sale. Just to recap on what had transpired: - I had initially shot the image using the 50.6 mp EOS 5DS R. After doing my normal editing, I had submitted the image to Alamy for their QC. However, it was rejected due to the above reason - Soft Due to Size. I was initially perplexed as how could an image from the 5DS R be "Soft Due to Size". T
  8. Do not give up. Most would fail in their first few tries. I failed three times before being accepted. Good luck!!
  9. Hello fellow photographers, I am a freelance landscape photographer based in Malaysia. Just joined Alamy a two weeks ago after reading about Alamy in Practical Photography magazine's July issue. Alamy has just accepted a batch of my images but I guess there will still be a long way to go to really make some pocket money out of this. But good to meet fellow photographers all over the world. Besides Malaysia, I do spend some of my time shooting in Perth, Australia as well as I have lots of family members there. Most of my images are uploaded in Flickr and 500px as well. Feel fre
  10. Thanks very much for the comment. The 5DS R is a fantastic camera if you can control and managed the Dynamic Range (DR). Having said that, I do not bracket any of my shots. I tend to rely in the histogram when shooting my images.
  11. Dear All, Once again, thanks very much for all your comments above. Having said that, I am now convince that the fault lies somewhere in my workflow. One reason I suspect is because I am now converting my RAWs using the new Canon's DPP 4 which was bundled together with the 5DS R. I was previously using DPP v1 which was bundled with the 5D2. I guess I had set the conversion settings in DPP 4 to automatically resize (interpolate) the images when converting the RAWs into TIFFs. That could be the reason why I do not face these problems with the 5D2 since most of the RAWs was converted usi
  12. Dear all, Thanks very much for your replies. I can assure you that the soft images were not caused by camera shake. All my shots were shot using a very sturdy Gitzo tripod. As per Alamy's reply, all my failed images were: 1) Soft due to size for images between 120 MB - 130 MB. These were the images that was shot using the 5DS R. The images were initially uploaded to Alamy's QC unsharpened and not upsized or interpolated. After the failed QC due to "Soft Due To Size" reason, i then submitted another batch of images (also shot with the 5DS R) with slight sharpening. These
  13. I have recently acquired the EOS 5DS R camera. However, all images that I submit using this camera will always be rejected by Alamy's QC stating the reason "Soft Due To Size". I have never interpolated the image file nor have I increased the file size. Similar images submitted using my existing EOS 5D Mk II (21 mp) will always pass Alamy's QC. My questions: i) Is this camera allowed by Alamy? ii) How can an image shot by this camera be "Soft Due To size"? iii) Any ideas what should I do next if I want to submit images using this camera?
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