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Anyone notices the drop on Quick Pricing...

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I just noticed the price drop on "Quick Pricing" from $99 - 399(??) to now $29 - 149. I checked the "Custom Pricing" and tried one, it still gives calculated price that can only happen in a dream. :lol:

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I think it's a bit of both. The price was set to the point that will scare some buyers away. Now they are more in line with reality. Only thing I want to say, let's STICK to it. NO discount on "Quick Pricing". :ph34r:

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From Pix 2013 Spring:


Anna Powers in an article called: Paying it back: how to photograph your travels for stock.


Yes, it’s possible. You can make money from selling your images, even if it’s
just a few dimes at a time. Online microstock agencies broker your pictures
for micropayments, as opposed to traditional stock agencies, which license
photographs for much larger sums and are exclusive to pro photographers.
Microstock sellers—Istockphoto, Alamy and Shutterstock are three of the
biggest—regularly accept images from amateurs and enthusiasts, but you
have to know what, and how, to shoot.


Pix is in the iTunes store and is a publication by Nilesen Photo Group (of PDN)


wim (no comment)

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