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Sometimes you kick yourself for not photographing the name plate on the tank. Can someone give me a pointer to the identification of the big fish please (the one on the left without the camera)?  I thought it was a giant wrasse but that does not seem to match the images I have found elsewhere on the internet.


Also, do you think that this needs a property release (my thought was yes but I'm not sure how identifiable the location is...)?


Lastly, is there any way I can link an image before keywording etc.?


Thank you!



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Was it in a saltwater tank?  If it was a saltwater tank, my first guess would a grouper.


That was my instinctive reaction, too. Certainly looks like one.


Strictly speaking a property release would seem correct, yes.  Though I doubt if it would ever be called for - given, as you say, the lack of certainty as to identification of location or ownership of specific fish (unless you have given that away in other photos in the set).


Linking an image before it's 'live'?  No.

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Thanks... grouper! Of course... total brain fade.


Actually appears to be a giant grouper (as can probably be guessed given that it's bigger than the chap with the camera).


Nothing else in the set to give it away - the only place that might happen would be in the description...


The other question is: Does it stand a snowball's chance in hell of ever selling? [No answer required]


Help greatly appreciated, thank you!

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