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Pseudonyms - Lesson Learnt

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I submitted a batch of 34 images on 24th January. Admittedly that's a Saturday morning here in the UK, so I guessed nobody was at work. By the middle of last week I was pretty sure I was in the sin bin. I reviewed the submission numerous times and yes, if I was hyper-critical I could find one in the set to fail QC.


Interestingly the longer it took to get through QC the more images I relegated to the fail set.


Then miracle of miracles on Friday 30th evening I received the email "Passed QC" confirmed by checking "Track your submissions". But where were the images? ""Manage your Submissions" resulted in 0 "Not Ready" images.


I popped an email off to Customer Services not expecting an immediate reply as this was now late Friday evening.


On Saturday 31st my Dashboard reported 34 images to keyword, but still no way to access them.


Then this morning Customer Services sorted it all out for me. I have been re-organising my pseudonyms last week, and the batch had been submitted under a pseudonym that I had since deleted - so there was no where for it to go & it hung about in limbo until the super folk at Alamy allocated it to an available pseudonym & I was up and running again.


So thanks to the staff at Alamy, and contributors beware, modifying pseudonyms can have unexpected consequences!

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