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Have you found any Alamy photographs January 2015

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01/01/2015, UK, Guardian, p8, Bousfield Primary School in London, CR7A74, migstock [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
01/01/2015, UK, Guardian, p28, Dubai airport, D9WNAH, Gavin Hellier [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
01/01/2015, UK, Guardian, p33, Father Gleb Yakunin, B94BPW, RIA Novosti


Happy New Year everyone,



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01/01/2015, UK, Independent, p27, hand holding cigarette, A2HGTP, Hunghsiang LAN [Alamy credit only]
01/01/2015, UK, Independent, p30, remote control, A1R5YN, PhotoAlto
01/01/2015, UK, Independent, p31, clock radio, CYMJ6D, YAY Media AS

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If the 2015 general election will be your first – this is your moment

The Guardian
... food and energy crises all at the same time. Still think we don't need to vote?'
Photograph: Richard Chegwidden/Alamy
Families in literature: the Lamberts in The Corrections by Jonathan ...
The Guardian (blog)
... a a family redeemed by love. a woman holds an old man's hand. Love in spite of all ... a woman holds an old man's hand.
Photograph: Phanie / Alamy/Alamy.
NHS emergency care on wobbly legs
The Guardian
Hospital A&E units have now missed the 95% target every week for well over a year.
Photograph: Mike Goldwater/Alamy.
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Charles med hustrun Camilla Parker Bowles.
Foto: Simon Price/Alamy
Dagens Nyheter  |  1 Jan 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish   | Page: 29
Prins Charles är känd för att i tid och otid uttrycka sina åsikter, vilket inte är comme il faut för en brittisk monark. Nu går en pjäs för fulla hus i London om vad som händer när prins Charles tar över tronen.
Foto: Matthew Chattle/Alamy
Dagens Nyheter  |  1 Jan 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish   | Page: 26
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T'Mail Online 1st

BHJE1R Debra Hershkowitz chemotherapy
C317WE Justin Kase Students at University College London
ANMXXR Tetra Images Man looking at glass of wine
D214TP Vincent Roy mastweb Craft beer glass and beer bottle
A8XJRM keith morris A young woman drinking pint of real ale beer served in a straight glass in a pub public house bar UK
C3WDN8 M4OS Photos Close up of the HMRC logo as seen on its website. (Editorial use only: ­print, TV, e-book and editorial website)
BM79KD Graham Oliver Northampton Crown and County Courts, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, UK (Possibly, a few similar)
A0EP7F DBURKE The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand in London UK
A1DW3T Magdalena Rehova Man in dark night, face lit by blank white LCD laptop display light
C9BXM9 Stock Experiment A tourist lady photographing the Taj Mahal in Agra , India
B6NM2R Alberto Paredes Swimming pool Hotel The Residence in Belle Mare area MAURITIUS ISLAND
AHNAHT Stu Piccadilly Gardens Manchester,Showing The Metrolink Tram System,Piccadilly Plaza and City Tower.
B9EP7B Helly Bean wftp Essentials for backpacking- hiking boots, backpack, phrase book and guidebook
DYNC8W Blend Images Caucasian woman using laptop on bamboo patio
A98KEM Jim Wileman a tour guide talking to a group of tourists on a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru South America
C10GXN Bill Gozansky Photographer at Los Gemelos in the Highlands of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
E8FNG6 RooM the Agency Man drinking glass of chilled summer wine
CYFY7J Kristoffer Tripplaar The Android section of the Google headquarters complex, also known as the "Googleplex
D98K9K Polly Thomas City Hall, Cardiff, from above.
AF7H1J Simon Price Aerial picture of the city centre of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, showing townhouse and buildings, with the harbour and sea behind
C45F4G Mark Richardson A City Link van in a U.K. city.
BC59JJ Chris Cooper-Smith ASDA Superstore petrol filling station

BC86C9 Graham Morley   Brecon Beacons; landscape reflected in Talybont Reservoir Powys Wales UK


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Local Georgia police chief 'shoots wife by mistake'

The Guardian
Margaret McCollom was in critical condition following the incident at her home on New Year's Day.
Photograph: Steve Skjold / Alamy/Alamy.
Three deaths may be linked to dangerous batch of ecstasy, say police
The Guardian
Ecstasy. Police asked anyone who had been offered ecstasy in the Ipswich area recently to contact them.
Photograph: David Allan/Alamy. 
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At one with the water … a Moken man free dives on the Surin Archipelago, Thailand

Marc Dozier/Alamy
The Guardian Weekly  |  2 Jan 2015  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 27
Rainbow of promise … the government says productivity in rural areas is set to outstrip that in towns
The Guardian Weekly  |  2 Jan 2015  |  UK  |  English | Page: 17
Foto: Simon Belcher/Alamy
Dagens Nyheter  |  2 Jan 2015  |  Sweden  |  Swedish  | Page: 30
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2 JAN 2015


The 10 best school buildings


The Victorian gothic of Rugby school.

Image ID : A5GKA5

Photograph: Ian M Butterfield/Alamy
‘Nobility and grace’: Mackintosh’s Scotland Street school.
Image ID : BP1CHK
Photograph: Thomas Lee / Alamy


The landscaped grounds of Stowe.


Photograph: David Hunter/Alamy
Where ambition meets the North Sea: Hunstanton school.
Image ID : AX1HHC
Copyright : © VIEW Pictures Ltd / Alamy
Modernist favourite Bousfield primary school.
Image ID : CR7A74
Copyright : © migstock / Alamy


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Three held in India for alleged kidnap and gang-rape of Japanese ...

The Guardian
Bodh Gaya in Bihar, India, is a place of pilgrimage in Buddhism.
Photograph: Tom Hanley/Alamy.
Stenhousemuir pay tribute to midfielder found dead on New Year's ...
The Guardian
... body was found in the Deansgate area of Manchester on New Year's Day after he had been celebrating with friends.
Photograph: Ian Dagnall / Alamy/Alamy.
I've found that my successor is getting paid a lot more, and I'm not ...
The Guardian
A reader wonders if the successor to her job is getting paid more because he is a man.
Photograph: Wavebreak Media/Alamy. 
Henry Jeffreys' Empire of drinks: Angostura Bitters
The Guardian
Photograph: PR/Alamy.
Angostura bitters is named after the town in Venezuela where it was invented in 1824 by Johann Siegert, a German doctor. In 1875, the ...
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I picked up the latest edition of The Economist (Dec. 20 - Jan. 2, 2015; pg. 53) magazine and was surprised to see one of my photos with absolutely no accreditation used to illustrate an interesting article about Hernan Cortes. I've managed to find it online as well, this time credited to Alamy (see below). Not very useful info, but I thought it might be of interest. This image leased in December.



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BC86C9 Graham Morley   Brecon Beacons; landscape reflected in Talybont Reservoir Powys Wales UK



Many thanks, Bryan, for finding this usage.


Cheers Graham!


Times 3rd


ED97XE  Worthing, UK. 02nd Jan, 2015. UK Weather: A picturesque sunset at Worthing as people walk their dogs on the beach. Picture by Julie Edwards © Julie Edwards/Alamy Live News


Times Weekend 


P12-13 A91TKA K-Pix  Iris reticulata 'Cantab'  Incorrectly labelled in the paper

P33 CE7T63 StreetStock  The chateau at Chambord, Loire Valley, France, and a group of cyclists approaching it

P37 D8TTPK  Zoonar GmbH Mountains ski resort Bad Gastein Austria    also incorrectly labelled! The Gruniard disease attacks the Temis 


One I missed from Times Home 19th December


p10  APXD80  Jon Arnold   Limassol (Lemesos), Greek Cyprus

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Want to be healthier and wealthier?

The Guardian
Photograph: Bon Appetit/Alamy.
Milky lattes, wine and processed ready meals are all shockingly high in calories and expensive additions to your weekly shop ...
Screeching alarm, silent attack
The Guardian
A wren in full voice, vociferously indignant, absurdly loud for so small a creature.
Photograph: Toby Houlton/Alamy.
Uganda has little to show for African trade agreement with the US ...
The Guardian
... but the country has seen few benefits. uganda trade. Workers harvest fresh tea leaves in the fields of Fort Portal, Uganda.
Photograph: Jake Lyell/Alamy ...
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What are the odds? The airline death toll has risen

Image ID : ART5C8

JG Photography/Alamy


The Guardian Weekly  |  2 Jan 2015  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 4
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