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Is there a new max file size, or have I missed something?


Today, I tried to upload a batch which failed due to exceeding the max filesize of 10mb per image.


My rejected images were sizes 13mb, 10mb, 12mb, 10mb & 21mb. Some smaller images did go through, but the failure cancelled the batch.


My previous upload on Monday was successful & had file sizes of 20mb, 24mb, 14mb & 20mb.


These are the actual JPG compressed file sizes on disk.


I'm wondering if something has changed & I need to make my images smaller? If so, what is the best way to do this? I'm not sure whether I should change the compression level (from the Lightroom export), or reduce the image pixel size?


Thank you.



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Fairly new at this myself but I haven't read anything about maximum file sizes. However, don't know if there's anything wrong with the uploader today but I've had a batch (about 30+) stopping and starting for the last hour or so - normally they go through very quickly within a couple of minutes (fibre connection). But today each file seems to be stuck for a few minutes then suddenly starts again. Most are 6-8MB although one is 11.5MB and went through although the batch still hasn't finished yet.


Maybe a quirk for today?

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I can't remember exactly but max file size (uncompressed) is well above 100MB.  Your files must have failed for other reasons.


It will be difficult to say how big the max compressed file size is as it depends on the contents of the images.

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Thank you for your replies.


I received a quick & friendly response from Alamy support who have asked for screenshots of any errors. I tried several times to upload with varying errors, including a Shockwave error. Trying both Firefox & IE, I eventually managed an upload of 9 files which took about an hour. I'm thinking that they may have a routing issue.


Shockwave? :o

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The maximum size is 200 Mb (pixel dimensions not size on disk).  Panoramas often exceed 200 Mb and need downsizing.


I am not aware of any maximum disk file size although there is a suggested 25Mb limit which does not cause a failed upload if exceeded. 25Mb JPEGs are not particularly huge any more. Depending on the content of the image, level 12 JPEGs from an uncropped, unresized image from the 36MP D800 family will often exceed 25 Mb file size on disk. 

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A 21mb JPG???? blimey that's huge...


what pixel dimensions are you exporting from Lightroom?




 I just use whatever pixels the image happens to be after cropping. Should I aim for a particular pixel size?



The short answer is no. There is no need unless the pixel dimensions exceed 200Mb which is huge (or unless you have a very slow internet connection). 

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It sounds to me as though your problems may be more to do with upload speeds from your internet provider. I live in an area served by a rural exchange and upload speeds are sometimes very slow. I use Nikon d600and D7100, so file sizes are large, although not as large as some of the other posters here have mentioned. All I can say is that they upload eventually, but I do try to avoid uploading at times of day when I know Internet traffic is likely to be high.

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