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Hi all. I am currently revisiting some keywords and have just discovered a bewildering occurrence.


A two word search term 'coffee spill'.  


When that is searched 885 images appear but despite the words being in my ESS keywords neither of my images are in the results.


I have tried reversing the search ie 'spill coffee', as that represents the order in which they listed in my keywording, in case that might influence the searching but as far as I can see the same images are still coming up. 


Any ideas why?



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The order of the keywords does matter.




Also keep in mind that when changing keywords, it takes time for the server to update (usually overnight for me) before the search engine is updated.


Words in sequence that match phrases entered by customers will carry more weight than words not in sequence. For example, if a customer searches for "blue whale", an image with the Keywords "blue" and "whale" next to each other in the Keywords or Caption will have a higher relevancy score than an image containing the string: "blue, sea, humpback, whale" in its Keywords.

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