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Calibrating the Screen on a New Mac?

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I'm working on an iMac, and at the moment I can't recall exactly when I bought it or if I calculated the screen. I think I did, and anyway, I like the way things look. 


But . . . a friend of mine in another city wrote to me this morning saying she just bought a new laptop Mac Pro and is taking some classes in its operation. Her teacher is about to give an entire class on calibration. She read somewhere that the newer Macs do not need to be calibrated. And of course she has the added problem of judging images and things on a adjustable laptop screen . . . not good.


Do any of you Mac people have any facts or thoughts on the newer Macs and calibration? (My friend is not a photographer but a food writer with her own Website.)





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I use a Spyder Pro 4 on my new version iMac -and it DID adjust the calibration from the "out of the box" look a lot.


Others will say leave it as it is - all is good.


Who dy'a trust?


I'll go with the Spyder and Datacolor.

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Ed, I bought a Macbook Pro with Retina display about 3 weeks ago.  It is very different than a standard display in that the detail level is extreme (you will fail more of your own images in post processing).  Like most laptops, there are variations in brightness/darkness depending on the angle of the screen (including whether the screen is slightly tilted back or forward) but it's not as bad as many other laptops.


I've never used a calibration device but I have referred to a couple of online articles over the years including this one....




I've not needed to adjust the screen on the new MacBook Pro.  If you click on the link to the left (number of images) and view my images - the images from SlutWalk and the Isreal/Palestine protest were processed in the field with the Macbook.

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I do calibrate my Macbook and iMac screens using the System Preferences calibrate option (System Preferences/Displays/Color/Calibrate). I do it every few months and I think it does make a difference.  

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But, Anthony -- is your Mac a new one with the Retina display? Mine predates that . . . but you've awakened my memory and I now recall making a selection myself in System Prefs. And I just changed my color space to Adobe 1998 just now. I'll work with that for a while. 


I wonder if Alamy QC are using Macs with Retina now? Hmm.  And could this have to do with me taking up near permeant residence in the sin bin?  :(

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My iMac predates (2010) but my MacBook Pro has a retina display. I've not heard that newer screens don't need calibrating. To me it seems to be a relevant check still. 

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