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Peak Design Capture Camera Clips

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Seems like a nice idea at first, but I feel that the 'clip' is likely to be stronger than whatever is holding it.  Seems to me that many of the items that the product is attached to are actually unlikely to hold a DSLR for any length of time: the guy with it fixed to his belt will likely have his jeans round his ankles in no time at all.  As for that girl with two huge DSLRs attached to her hips - well good luck with that for more than 5 mins.


Also, I personally would not like to have my camera exposed to potential damage and/or the elements like that.  That's why I have an easily accessible camera 'pouch': protection.


EDIT: I've just read that back and it reads like a skit from Viz magazine.  Fnar fnar. ;)

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You might want to look at these products...




I do have the belt one but not for a small camera and thus not for cycling!!! I like to shoot with two cameras and with one on a tripod I don't like the other around my neck. Very uncomfortable after a while. I want the second camera handy so I got the belt and it works for me. I shot with a woman who had the vest and she liked it very much. There is a tether on these things so if you drop the camera it doesn't hit the ground. I do find that I have to tighten the gizmo on the bottom of the camera now and then or it gets out of alignment and the camera is difficult to get off quickly.



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Anyone used these?  I'm tempted - seems a neat idea, specially when cycling.....




All the time. I use it on my backpack shoulder strap. Attached is normally my X-T1 with anything up to 55-200 lens.


Excellent quality and I wouldn't be without one now, it saves a lot of grief when out in the mountains. 


If you want to carry heavier gear on a harness, look at Cotton Carrier as well. I used their system with a 5d mkii with a 100-400 lens. Capture Clip is best though when it comes to smaller cameras and it is far more comfortable.


Also, their camera strap and wrist cuff systems work excellent! Quickly interchangeable.


Edit. Just to say, if you set it up so the clip slides down into the holder, it ain't going anywhere. It's solid. The only reason you probably wouldn't want to use it with a full size DSLR is comfort really. It would be pulling away from your body a lot. You can also use their camera strap as a safty leash in case you drop the camera. It attaches to the clip holder.

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