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  1. I think it does raise a very interesting legal question and merits further debate. It's certainly an interesting debate regardless of which side you think is in the right. That said, I have been disappointed by wikimedia's stance. I don't think they give a damn about the wider topic of copyright or care much for respecting the perfectly valid challenge from the photographer. I believe they are simply acting in the way they are because they know damn well they can bully one lone photographer out of taking legal action - I doubt very much they'd pull this sort of nonsense against National G
  2. Is that to any photographer signed up to the news upload and FTP news service? I've just signed up but I've not out shooting recently due to some recent personal problems. Sod's Law, as there have been plenty of interesting protest in Manchester of late.
  3. Personally, I say the 'subtle' ones are far worse - at least the vignetting in the latter two looks deliberate. The first two give me the impression of incompetence on the photographers part. Although not to my taste, I could see how someone could argue for its inclusion in the aircraft picture.
  4. I'm only just getting started on my journey into news photography but my take on it is that surely it should be driven by the expected end use by the purchaser - that is, I ask myself 'where would I most likely find this image being used in a newspaper'? For example, I would expect to find general pictures of a music festival in the entertainment/supplement/magazine sections; however, a picture of muddy revellers in a Glastonbury field during a period of newsworthy bad weather I would expect to find in the news/current affairs/local news type sections.
  5. My understanding of it is that focal length is focal length regardless of what sensor is being used - so it makes perfect sense to call an 18-55 an 18-55; that's what it is! Take a nifty fifty for example... On the 5D --> 50mm On the 1D mkIII --> 63mm On the 7D --> 81mm Mounted on a Nikon 1.5x --> 75mm and so on... What makes more sense - to label that lens with its actual focal length and inform your customers of how to factor in sensor size, or to manufacture various editions of the lens with arbitrary focal markings? You mentioned lenses designed solely
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