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Have you found any Alamy photographs July 2014

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5 JUL 2014


Rent a Souped-Up Bike at These Hotels



Mandatory photo credit: Peggy Peattie/U-T San Diego/ZUMA Press; Copyright U-T San Diego

On the go with the ElliptiGO.




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The generation gap can sometimes apply with online financial transactions


The Independent on Sunday  |  6 Jul 2014  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 57

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The generation gap can sometimes apply with online financial transactions


The Independent on Sunday  |  6 Jul 2014  |  UK  |  English  | Page: 57

Thanks for that Lisa!



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Mail Online Travel


The British Riviera 5th

BF4NEA - Isle of Man

BBR1D6 - Ed Rhodes

BHPHRF - Adrian Japp

D2527T - FLPA

E2135B - Robin Weaver


Lisa Maxwell has the trip of a lifetime 7th

C24M50 - JHeinimann


Sarajevo holidays 5th

CPKJAK - Peter Forsberg

CEY7CJ - Jasmin Brutus

CPKJ13 - Peter Forsberg / Shopping

DEPWEM - Emanuele Ciccomartino / age fotostock Spain S.L

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7 JUL 2014


Ask Your Weird Animal Questions: Spiders and Other Animals With Bite

A black widow with the telltale hourglass-shaped mark. 

Photograph by John Cancalosi, Alamy



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Banking sector slow to increase competition after new rules

The Guardian

Photograph: Network/Alamy.

A relaxation in the rules governing the creation of new banks is yet to lead to a dramatic increase in the number of new high street ...


The age of entitlement: how wealth breeds narcissism

The Guardian

That extends to politics too. yacht. 'Wealth cultivates attitudes that are against redistribution and for privilege.'

Photograph: Aurora Photos/Alamy.


A swan-breeding tradition begun by Benedictine monks goes on

The Guardian

Photograph: Jack Cox/Alamy.

Along the clifftops high above Abbotsbury the road from Bridport to Weymouth offers views of the thin line of Chesil beach, the ...


No 10 accused of burying good news as deal with drinks industry is ...

The Guardian

Photograph: David Kilpatrick/Alamy. :) 

Downing Street has been accused of burying good news after the Home Office was ordered to delay releasing details about ...


An anonymous article in the Guardian on antisocial cyclists is ...

The Guardian (blog)-

Statistics suggest otherwise

Photograph: Epicscotland/Alamy.

I've taken to the Bike Blog before to disagree with pieces about cycling in other papers, but today ...


Can the Hawking Index tell us when people give up on books?

The Guardian

Photograph: Michael Doolittle/Alamy.

Name: The Hawking Index. Age: Brand new! Appearance: Percentagey. So it's a percentage? Well I'd say it's really a ratio ...


Scientists threaten to boycott €1.2bn Human Brain Project

The Guardian

Photograph: Sebastian Kaulitzki /Alamy.

The world's largest project to unravel the mysteries of the human brain has been thrown into crisis with more than 100 ...


Children of same-sex couples healthier, says Australian study

The Guardian

Photograph: Queerstock, Inc./Alamy.

Children of same-sex couples experience higher levels of general health and family cohesion than those from traditional ...


Accounts of bullying at work: 'it's subtle, political and leaves you ...

The Guardian (blog)

Photograph: Blend Images/Alamy.

We might not frequent playgrounds at lunch anymore, but that does not mean we have left everything reminiscent of those ...


The most congested cities in Europe and North America – in ...
www.theguardian.com › News › Cities
The Guardian
The 25th most congested city: Seattle.
Photograph: DA Barnes/Alamy.
Belfast, Northern Ireland. 24: Belfast.
Photograph: Scenicireland.com/Alamy
UK travel information, holiday ideas, advice and reviews ...
www.telegraph.co.uk › ... › Destinations › Europe
The Daily Telegraph
Some of the best summer accommodation deals can be found at universities Read more >
Photo: John Heseltine / Alamy.
Tour de France. A ride through "a slice ...
San Antonio Express‑News
Tightest States. July 7, 2014 |By Joe Cook.
7. Louisiana. Photo By Ellen Isaacs / Alamy
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Critics say the Human Brain Project is flawed science

Photograph: Mike Hill/Alamy

The Guardian  |  7 Jul 2014  |  UK  |  English | Page: 5

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7 JUL 2014


Why You Should Use Priceline for Your Next Car Rental


Priceline's luxury car offerings include the Mercedes C Class and the Chevrolet Camaro. 




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Camping and Caravanning July


P18 CMPPEF Lizzie Shepherd Ingleborough and hawthorn tree at dawn from Twistleton Scars in the Yorkshire Dales, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Europe



P116-117 CEEXXA david speight Dramatic sunrise over the Chalk Arch at Selwick Bay, Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire, UK



Times 8th


P41 ADEJK4 Horizon  England. Signpost and road across North Yorkshire Moors National Park.


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Care Act 2014: the public needs to get involved in the consultation

The Guardian

Photograph: UpperCut Images/Alamy.


The Human Brain Project risks becoming a missed opportunity

The Guardian

'It is worth thinking about whether the HBP's aims really make sense'.

Photograph: Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo / Alamy


Congestion-beaters or roads to hell: is there still a place for urban ...

The Guardian

Photograph: Pat Savage/Alamy.

If the M60 feels bleak because of its grey, windswept setting, the Embarcadero Freeway felt bleak in spite of it. Soaring some 17 ...


Cuts to council budgets for single homeless people are financial ...

The Guardian

Photograph: Aliki Sapountzi /Alamy.

When I show visitors the training and education centres at our homeless charity Crisis, they have on occasion been puzzled.


Freemium games are a chance to teach kids how to manage their ...

The Guardian

Photograph: wonderlandstock/Alamy.

The topic of children playing "freemium" games that sell in-app purchases is highly controversial. This extract from the ...


Which books have you failed to finish?

The Guardian

A travellerr reading a Kindle. 'The most read book (as decided by the Hawking index) is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt'.

Photograph: Dennis MacDonald/Alamy.

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The age of entitlement: how wealth breeds narcissism

The Guardian

That extends to politics too. yacht. 'Wealth cultivates attitudes that are against redistribution and for privilege.'

Photograph: Aurora Photos/Alamy.


Train contracts may not be best value, says National Audit Office

The Guardian

Photograph: Ady Kerry/Alamy.

The handling of two big train contracts by the Department for Transport sowed confusion in the industry and potentially missed out ...


UK clothes prices continue to fall

The Guardian

... have found them optimistic about the prospects for the next year and ready to spend their incomes on larger items.

Photograph: Ben Molyneux / Alamy/Alamy.


Renting a home: what every tenant should know

The Guardian

Photograph: Kevin Wheal/Alamy.

Consider what the reality entails for tenants, lumbered with kitchen cupboards crammed with chipped glassware, and the ...


Ebola: 50 cases and 25 deaths reported in Sierra Leone, Liberia ...

The Guardian

West African countries and international health organisations have adopted a fresh strategy to fight the ebola epidemic.

Photograph: Alliance Images/Alamy.


China Is On Speed. What's Canada On?

Huffington Post Canada

... Nuremberg in Bavaria, with nine more high-speed lines under construction or on the drawing board.

Photo © imagebroker / Alamy


Older and disabled Londoners loneliest as 'friendly north' lives up to ...

The Guardian

Photograph: Nikolaenko Viacheslav/Alamy.

Older and disabled people in London are loneliest and those with a rural lifestyle have most contact with friends, ...


The myths around divorce and gold-digging wives obscure the reality

The Guardian

'The myth … that women are always the big winners in divorce settlements adds horrible insult to an untreatable injury.'

Photograph: Itanistock/Alamy/Alamy.

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Сельский ХозяинЪ 

Rural Hozyain (Russian Federation)

May 2014

Alamy credits only



p4, BHXPWY, Andres Rodriguez



p7, stork and wind turbines


p10, CNR814, Blickwinkel/McPHOTO/MAS




p12, BRYWT2, Zoonar/Valeriy Lebedev



p14, tulips


p16, BWYF1Y, Vicki Beaver



p17, chickens


p22, A33G5P Ed Young




p28, CYNT20, stokkete



p40, C2H11D, CandyBox Images



p46, D6C01X, Classic Collection


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Review: Cosi Fan Tutte at St George's Hall Concert Room

Liverpool Echo

... Heloise Mas (Dorabella) Alexander Sprague (Ferrando) Biagio Pizzuti (Guglielmo) and Hamida Kristoffersen (Despina).

Thomas Bowles/Alamy Live News


Scientists make breakthrough in fight against deadly amphibian ...

The Guardian

Photograph: Michelle Gilders/Alamy

Scientists have made a key discovery that may help to stem the loss of countless species of amphibians to a deadly fungus.


Your saving water questions: what we learned

The Guardian

Live Better: saving water Q&A round up Use water butts to collect rainwater to give your plants a drink during dry spells.

Photograph: J Garden/Alamy 

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