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Identifiying Cars - Keyword Help

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hi all.


i have just had a thought whilst looking through some catalogues of cars that i have photos of.

i know it's early morning in the UK, right now but i seem to have some ideas and random thoughts at these times!


when i keyword, would it be an idea to put the cars registration in the keywords? and how could i do this so that the full phrase eg D123 7DB will return the car with that reg. do i put qoutes or is it the brackets to make alamy look for the full phrase? also what format would i use for a part reg search?


it just occoured to me that some cars (being a car nut), are known to me just by their reg's, and are "Famous" in my car circle of friends and owners club's simply by the last 3 letters for example. and i seem to have an uncanny knack for remembering these ever since i was a kid and car spotted with my parents on trips etc. and thought that they MAY be searched for by others like this. eg famous race cars etc, such as a race car may not have a reg as such but for example early ferrari's etc are simply known by a chassis number or prototype number. mclarens first F1, being XP5 and so on


a good example of what i would like to happen (and a famous reg plate), for those that watch the apprentice in the uk, you will have seen AMS 1 = alan sugars rolls royce.


any input welcomed. thanks






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thanks! so just put it in like any other search term / keyword, no brackets or qoutes or special enclosures for the term.


ive got quite a few that i know return results based on google and using the reg only, just wasnt sure how to keyword them properly.


it seems alamy suggest the brackets etc in keyword help faq's but its not even active!

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I occasionally upload classic car images, nearly always ones which have been put on public exhibition at steam rallies and agricultural shows around England. I include the registration number if  I think there is even a remote possibility the car may one day be searched for in its own right. I have used the brackets and quotes round keyword phrases from when I first started here, just n case the in case the 'new' search system is ever implemented. I treat the registration number as a keyword phrase,  "ABC 123".


I find that if the reg number ABC 123 is searched for, either with or without quotes, my picture is found, but not if the middle space is omitted from the search string. Also, even though I have enclosed the registration number in quotes in my keywords, simply searching for ABC will also find it.


I've also noted that  bus and coach enthusiasts inevitably include the reg. number when posting their own pictures to FlickR etc, often along with massive amounts of technical detail about the said vehicle. I'm grateful to them  as it makes researching descriptions for my own occasional bus/coach pictures so much easier! I also include the reg number of these vehicles in the keyword list in case the particular vehicle is ever involved in an 'incident' and stock pictures sought.

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thanks joseph! 


yes i have been known to search for cars on forums etc simply by the number plate reg. thanks for your insight into the space being omitted and how different searches are handled.

saved me keywording and testing! but now i shall add the registrations to the relevant ones i deem to be "famous" and will be looked for.

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