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Cut-out button in old Manage Images

Phil Robinson

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Like many contributors, I suspect, I still find the old version of Manage Images very useful. Unfortunately, the now-redundant 'cut-out' option is still there, and having edited my submission, getting a full list of 'not ready' images is hindered if they haven't all been tagged as cut-out or not. 

It also brings up a huge list of 'on sale, but requiring further details', which includes everything that has been submitted since the cut-out option changed (over 5000 images for me).


Could it please be removed?

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Thanks for your suggestion.


As the old version of manage images is no longer supported it's unlikely we will be able to commit to fixing niggles such as this. Only a tiny percentage of contributors use the old version of Manage Images so other areas of the site have to take priority I'm afraid. 


We've added it to our issues list, but can't promise when it will be fixed if it all - the old version of Manage Images will eventually be removed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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