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Requesting help from someone with a subscription to The Telegraph



I wondered if anyone could help me to report this online usage please. I can't see my the image without a subscription to The Telegraph, so it would be very helpful to get a screenshot showing my image, 2HGEKW8. I can post my email address if necessary.


Thanks in advance.

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21 minutes ago, Mr Standfast said:

Morning, managed to get a screenshot. Where do I send it?


PS I only look at the pictures in the telegraph, not the words!

Haha. Thanks, Mr Standfast.

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Just now, gvallee said:

Ditto. I haven't got a subscription but I can see your image in the link you provided.


Interesting. I can only see the top photo, then I hit a firewall. You can subscribe for free for 1 month, but I didn't want to do that as they ask for bank details.

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