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Hello everyone

Oliver Wood

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In my opinion (that and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee) you have some nice and interesting images, BUT interesting images do not get licensed without researchers finding them and understanding what, where and why to license the photo.  I would suggest that you spend a bit more time on researching and writing your IPTC (captions and keywords) information.



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Having looked only at your page 1...
You are a subject shooter.
You have one main subject per image.
Not a cacophony of subjects or an unclear main subject.
Some never get beyond that issue, so congrats to you, mate!
Subject shooting is good match for stock photography.
Still, without sacrificing your subject shooting skills,
without repeating same subject over & over, IMO,
grow collection to 10K varied images & reap regular licenses...
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Your images are very good and generally speaking your keyword selection is good. Unfortunately you appear to have fallen into the trap of including too many keywords that are only marginally relevant, presumably in order to increase discoverability. The opinion of most of us is that this is a waste of time because although your images will get seen by more customers, many of them will be looking for the irrelevant keywords and so will pass over yours. This will actually hurt your visibility in the longer term as your images slide down the pecking order. For each keyword you include, think to yourself "Would someone searching for that term really be looking for this picture?", and concentrate on the ones that are likely to be relevant.


Alamy Measures can help you here. Not only can you see exactly what those who view your images were actually looking for, but you can see what people search for on Alamy generally, which might give you a clue as to which keywords are more likely to bring customers.


And as Jeff says, thousands not hundreds.



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