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On 25/05/2023 at 15:17, NYCat said:


Oh no. The crime here used to make sense. Mugging for money. Now it’s being punched for no reason. I’m afraid of the subway in a way I wasn’t before. Don’t want to be thrown on the tracks. So I pretty much only take buses. Good people outnumber the bad but the bad have a big impact. 




I was bummed when several of my friends moved to Manhattan when our kids had been out of work for a while. My husband's office is in White Plains, so it didn't make sense for us, but I loved living in the city years ago and thought it would be so great to be back there again. Then the pandemic hit and I was so grateful for my nice yard in which to plant a vegetable garden and safe uncrowded places to walk around. Our suburban neighborhood is still so safe.


The city/suburban divide vis-a-vis safety seems more like it used to in the 1970's. 


Out at our beach place in Connecticut near the Rhode Island border now (so kinda rural/suburban).  No one even locks their doors. It's been cool - low to mid-60's - so we've been exploring different small towns, some beachy, some just New England-y and you walk down the street and everyone smiles and says, "hi." I'd wander around any of them at midnight on my own, camera in hand, and not think twice. I used to miss the energy of the city, but my outlook has really begun to change. The uptick in violence in our country, even outside big cities, is so distressing. You'd have thought a pandemic that killed so many people would have brought us together rather than farther apart. Given people a yearning for peace, and a desire to spend time with other people in a friendly way, a yearning for community. But human nature has never made sense. 

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