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What happens if you die?

Martin L


Not being morbid, it pertains to copyright/licensing, it was a question posed by my partner ( hmmm... hope she hasn't got anything planned for me although the curry last night tasted a bit funny).

Presumably copyright for the pics can be transferred in a will so she will have to let Alamy know?

If copyright isn't transferred what happens to any images subsequently licensed? Who benefits, Alamy?

Where does the copyright end up?

Can she still claim the funds even though she is not the copyright holder?



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2 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

John, please follow doctors orders. I wish you a strong & healthy recovery. Just think. If you had been born 100 years before you were, the medical treatments you have now wouldn’t be possible. I am often amazed at the progress in medicine.

It's not the doctor's orders I have to worry about.  It's my wife's.  She's fierce!!

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54 minutes ago, John Mitchell said:

Best wishes for a speedy return to good health, John.


No doubt you still have lots of flowers in your garden that you want to photograph. So far, I've done naught (or is it "nout") to prepare for my exit from the stage.



Thanks John.


Yes I've a few flowers to keep my shooting skills alive as I recover full strength.  And then there's bugs, mosses, lichens and other macro nature stuff.  Not to mention all the images from the last few years that I've neglected til now and will slowly process and upload.  Oh, and nature isolated on white or black to give the graphic designers something to play with...


and next week I'll....

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