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Keywords not pasting into a file

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Was wondering if anyone has this issue. I have some files on sale with poor discoverability.  So just going in to fix that, I have a lot of files with 25-35 keywords.  So I am looking at what I'm missing and putting those in a word document.  Then I go to the file (or files in that series) and copy from word and past into the file.  However, only some of the keywords paste. So I manually put them in on one to reach 50 keywords.  Saved it.  Then I copied those 50 keywords and went to another file, deleted that file's keywords then pasted in the 50 from the other file. the empty keyword field only accepted a random few, 21, 16, etc.  This started today. In the last several weeks I used the same workflow with no problems.  


Has anyone experienced this and if so were you able to fix it somehow? I think there is a technical issue on Alamy's editing platform.





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I often use a plain text editor (e.g. Notepad) as an intermediary to ensure any hidden formatting info doesn't mess up the info pasted into AIM keyword field. But.... just because an image has poor discoverability is not a good reason to add more keywords, it may hurt your CTR% and ranking. There have been lots of forum threads on this. Just ensure you have relevant keywords in supertag and tag fields and ignore the discoverability bar. 95% of my images are deemed to have "poor discoverability".


PS. Like your images - very colourful.



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Wonderful images. I don't have a suggestion to your problem but I want to point out that the caption is very heavily weighted in searches. In order to have your images seen I would suggest including the latin name of animals and plants and where the image was taken. Then be sure to use 10 supertags as they are more important than regular keywords.



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Hi Joe, please don't worry about the 50 keywords to get "Good Visibility".  I have very few images with that many.  Too many people keyword spam just to get to fifty and that could hurt your image ranking when you get views without zooms or sales.  Plus it makes the buyer wade through many non-relevant photos, possibly making them go elsewhere for photos.   

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17 hours ago, joe_belanger said:

Then I copied those 50 keywords and went to another file, deleted that file's keywords then pasted in the 50 from the other file.

Wondering how you did that, where was your comma-separated keyword string, did you create it manually? It may possibly be to do with some kind of formatting in Word so I might try a pure text editor like Notepad in Windows or Text Editor on a Mac (but Format > Make Plain text first). Have you downloaded your image data csv from your dashboard, that may save you a bit of time, or perhaps that's how you got to where you are. On the other hand I appreciate that you've always done it like this so it does seem to be a bit of a mystery.


I've just deleted all 16 keywords from an image in Image Manager, saved it by adding the single keyword 'tag' (there has to be one keyword), then pasted them back in from my csv and that was fine. Mind you none were supertags (note to self - why not?!).


Otherwise, I agree with the posts above, making the 'Discovery' bar go green will often make your images less discoverable. It is a mystery why Alamy persist with it.



Actually the downloaded csv may be of limited use to you as once you make 'Tags' into 'Supertags' they move to a separate field (column in spreadsheet terms).

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