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Nik Collection 25% off until Sept 14

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You can also get the DXO PhotoLab for free along with purchase of the NIK filters. https://shop.dxo.com/en/nik-collection-5.html?utm_source=DxO&utm_campaign=083f59b0f5-220911-nik5-nbs-usd-en&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9b16091e21-083f59b0f5-586001945&mc_cid=083f59b0f5&mc_eid=269301dcad. All for $109.99.


I had the usual problems downloading and installing but I think all is well and I will be happy to have NIK again. I had the free version on my old computer. Starting new with the M1MacBookPro.



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The thing looks different too, Ed. I'm going to have to look at some tutorials. Can't face it today. There has been some confusion about my cat-sitting. I had vertigo one night and realized I need a back-up for the cat-sitting. Not as young and healthy as I used to be. My usual cat-sitter was willing to meet my clients but she has injured a knee and will be out of commission for a while. I had reached out to somebody new and it hasn't started out well with some mis-communications. I hope it is all straightened out now and she will take care of the three clients that my cat-sitter doesn't know. Meanwhile I shall try to do it all until my regular woman is back in action. Whew!



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