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Highest Noise Level?

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11 hours ago, wilkopix said:

I don't shoot 'news' for Alamy where I can imagine higher iso is normal but for general stock I dont go above ISO400.


I was shooting news yesterday in London, cameras set to iso 800 to ensure a higher shutter speed to stop most movement. My average iso for stock is usually 200.

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Have done loads of news stuff at 6400 with not much NR, obviously all ok. As long as you remove the chroma noise (LR does by default) you are just left with a fine grain that isn't noticeable at most common print sizes or web sizes = complete non issue.


For general stock I have done one or two at 6400 but usually <3200. Carefully thought out noise reduction even on the old gear I've used (early to mid 2010s kit) is usually ok. Would obviously prefer to be at low ISO all of the time but shooting in grim conditions or the likes of birds in flight often mean I'm cranking it up.


Gear has improved so much. I still have most of my sets from the late 2000s and even the good stuff back then looked pretty nasty at 800-1600, borderline unworkable.

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It depends on the subject and how you process them.  I have 9 at ISO 25,600, one at ISO 20,000 and 9 at ISO 16,000 (mostly one series of images of the same subject).  After that, there are many more: 654 at ISO 12,800, for example.  In aggregate, I have 240 at ISO 6,400 and above.  High ISO images tend to be either night shots or wildlife, with a few interiors.  I have sold several of these.



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