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From time to time and admittedly not that often,  I Google my name with "Alamy" as an addition - so "John Doe Alamy" which has always returned a link to my full portfolio. This is not for self congratulation but to enable me to send a link to friends, associates, colleagues etc, who have asked about my images. Who knows they could be potential buyers?


In the last few days, entering my name + Alamy returns a very limited and random selection of 14 images only. Is this another IT issue or a deliberate attempt to restrict access to my portfolio? 


Is anyone else experiencing the same and if so, why?

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7 hours ago, geogphotos said:

I've noticed that the links don't work for those Alamy images that do show up in Google - so not much use!

That still works for me in fact unless I've misunderstood.


e.g. Searching for something obscure like 'Ewelme village fete' where two of mine come up at the top of Google images (at least they do for me - maybe Google is just humouring me).

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As to the actual post, searching for 'Harry Harrison Alamy' on Google brings up a link "Harry harrison hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy" which, as Richard says' is just a keyword search on Alamy for 'Harry Harrison Alamy' that includes various combinations of 'Harry' and 'Harrison' and 'Alamy' (including the Sci-fi author Harry Harrison) and almost by accident also includes two of my Alamy images. Looking at these is because it's one of my few Alamy Live News images so includes "Harry Harrison/Alamy Live News" in the caption.


As to the others, for example, an Alamy Live News picture captioned "Manchester United's Harry Maguire (left) and Leeds United's Jack Harrison battle for the ball during the Premier League match at Elland Road, Leeds. Picture date: Sunday April 25, 2021." - again with an Alamy Live News byline.


That's more or less what I'd expect to happen in fact but then I've never tried it before. If that Google hyperlink used to go to all your/our Alamy images then it is worth reporting to them because they certainly won't be paying attention to reporting it on here. We can of course give people a link generated by clicking on our name under the image (for that pseudo) or even our link on here under our profile pic, or indeed to our actual Portfolio page.

Edited by Harry Harrison
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When I put in my pseudo "allanbellimages Alamy" just my images come to light and only a small number, about 30.  


Near the bottom of the page is a sentence with click on to bring up more images. The rest of the results might not be what you're looking for. See more anyway


Then goes on ad infinitum to the end of my port.




If I put in "Allan Bell Alamy" I get pictures of another Allan bell and possibly someone else's pictures on Alamy called Allan Bell.




Edited by Allan Bell
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