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copy and paste from word to fields in images

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Since upgrading to Snow Leopard I have Safari I can't seem to copy and paste keywords from a word pages (where I keep my master keywords) to my images. I am not kin or have time to enter all the keywords individually.

I followed suggestion from https://discussions.apple.com/message/5774184#5774184

Reboot holding down the Shift Key (you'll hear a little series of tones)

Utilities->Disk Utility

Repair Permissions on your system HD


But it did not solve the problem.

Can anybody help?


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How are you doing it? I was in the habit of going up to the Edit at the top of the screen but in the new version of Manage Images I couldn't do that anymore so I right click or control click to get the copy and paste menu. I think the keyboard shortcuts also work but I'm not sure as I'm not in the habit of using them. By the way, you have put this question in the section for the Forum. Not one that is often read and if I understand your question it is in Manage Images that you are having problems so another section of the Forum might have been a better choice.



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I'm pretty sure NYCat is correct. You can't use the menu commands (in Safari and Firefox at least) on any MacOS that I've tried (currently on Mavericks) but I only use the keyboard shortcuts anyway so I never noticed the menus not working. But the solution is simple and much faster - command-c and command-v keyboard shortcuts should work. If this is the problem, once you get used to keyboard shortcuts, you shouldn't worry too much about menu commands. 

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