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Hello from Washington State, Again


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Hello again from Belfair, Washington, on the lovely Hood Canal.  I was a previous contributor who left with the mass exodus last year when the new contract and commission tiers (which I still hate) came out. I'm slinking back now because, unfortunately I found that I miss the whole process. I'm probably one of the few photographers out there who actually enjoys (mostly) keyboarding (I know, I'm weird!). I also miss the sense of community here on the forum. I have a small portfolio on Arcangel, but there is no forum nor much help. I sent an email with a question about model releases and never received a response. Anyway, I haven't found any replacement for Alamy that isn't just as awful with commissions, so here I am, ready to be the little fish in the big pond all over again :-). Off to a rough start with uploads. I usually make them very small in case of rejections (only 1 for noise in my original 650 images), but since I've only been uploading what was my former Alamy portfolio, I thought no problem, they've all been accepted before, and I spent hours on my old, painfully slow computer uploading 150 images in a single submission. Big Mistake! One was rejected for noise. It was a artsy image with a textured background that I probably should have left out anyway. Oh well, live and learn, right??




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