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Unable to upload images! Anybody else having issues today??



Any ideas why I suddenly can't upload images. 

I uploaded some image yesterday and all was ok, but today have been trying for the last 2 hours to upload some more but I select my images and then it goes to the upload screen but I'm just not getting anywhere after that. Its like a turning wheel of death but doesn't upload.  Have logged in and out 3 times, and cleared cache and data, but still unable to upload.

Any ideas ??   UPDATE:  I've managed to upload some now, via upload tool as I've tried some different images.  It appears that I can't upload any images that are over 20mb and i've been trying to upload a couple that are 25mb.  Is there a 20mb limit to uploading images???


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see update.
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17 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

I've had trouble uploading files over 24 MB (compressed file size) lately using the web uploader and Firefox. I'll probably go back to using FTP - Filezilla.


I uploaded a batch today using Chrome and everything went smoothly -- i.e. no "whirling circles of doom" that I was getting with Firefox.

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