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1st Alamy rejection in 2 years

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Has QC suddenly got more stringent on alamy or have I just been lucky? This picture rejected for noise but cannot see any at 100%  I cant insert a picture as alamy wont accept a url. Oh I just found what was wrong, a blurred edge light flare or blurred finger so careless.

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I had a QC fail 2 or 3 years ago, which was a picture taken outdoors in good light at ISO 100, high enough shutter speed, mid-range aperture: one of those where nothing could possibly go wrong.  It was quite a bright day with fairly harsh shadows.  It failed for noise, but I could not see any, even in the deepest shadow areas, however hard I looked.  I checked the rest of the batch, reprocessed the failed image then re-uploaded them all, which then passed (this was in the days of every upload going through QC).  Maybe someone in QC had had a bad day...

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