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Simon Burt


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Alamy now act as a distributor for Pond5 video, so there is a possibility that any video you contribute to Pond5 may become available through Alamy. However, there is no way of controlling which clips appear on Alamy. Also, since the partnership was launched in the summer there has only been two imports of video clips from Pond5 to Alamy, the last of these being in August. When and whether any further clips will become available on Alamy remains to be seen. I guess they are assessing how well the existing collection of 6.2 million clips sells before progressing any further.

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Video also appears to have sunk far into the background on the Alamy home page - now a small link at the bottom of the page and certainly not being actively promoted. In addition, there has been no announcement from Alamy about anything video-related and no input here on the forum as far as I am aware. It just came and went it seems.

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The Alamy out of office email... See the final bullet point.


Thanks for your email, please read the following important information.

If you are not an Alamy contributor and have any legal or copyright issues you need to email copyright@alamy.com.

For most questions, we encourage you to ask your knowledgeable fellow photographers over on the Alamy forum:


You can also find the answers to most questions here:

If your email is answered via one of the below frequently asked questions then we won’t clog your inbox up with another response, we’ll assume you’re all set. If your question isn’t covered, then you can expect a response from us soon, usually well within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

For any feedback about the recent contract change, please add your comments on the official forum thread, or email MD@alamy.com.


Question about new contract?

  • The new contract is here and the key changes are listed here. The changes will come into place on 24th July 2021.

  • This is a business decision and you can read more about the reasons in our blog post written by the Managing Director of Alamy, Emily Shelley.  


Want to sign up to sell your images? 

  • That’s great! At Alamy we don’t edit pictures on content; we accept images as long as they meet our technical quality standards, so it’s up to you to send us what you like. If you’ve not visited our website we suggest the first step will be to have a read of our contributor help pages including our submission guidelines. Once you’re ready to make a start you can create your account here..


Question about payment? 

  • You can enter your payment details under the ‘account settings’ section on your contributor dashboard.

  • You’ll be included in our payment run and sent funds when your cleared balance is over $50.

  • The amount shown on your contributor dashboard is the gross amount and doesn’t include commission deductions.

  • During the payment run it can take up to 9 working days for the payment to reach your account.


Can’t find your ‘on sale’ images?

  • When you’ve annotated your images and they are showing as “on sale” in Alamy Image Manager, they won’t show as ‘on sale’ on your dashboard or be visible to our customers until the search engine has updated. This happens approx. every 24 hrs.


Are you a student wanting to sign up to our 100% student offering?

  • If your school is not registered yet, you'll need to ask your Course Director/Lecturer to email us the following info to students@alamy.com -

    • School name

    • Student email domain e.g. @art.edu

    • Information about the courses offered and course length

    • Confirmation that all students are over 18 years of age

  • If your college/university signs up your teacher will receive a unique code to give to all the students on your course.

  • You will then be able to use this code to sign up for a student account and receive 100% commission for 2 years.

  • You can check to see if your school is registered, here.


Are you a Course Director/Lecturer looking to sign your university up?

  • Great! Please email us with the following information:

    • The school name

    • Student email domain e.g. @art.edu

    • Information about the courses you offer and the course length

    • Confirmation that all students are over 18 years of age


Have you had a batch of images fail Quality Control?

  • We see a large number of images each day and it’s not possible for us to check every image so we take a random sample of images and if all images in that sample are fine then we pass all images awaiting QC. If we find one failure then all images awaiting QC will fail. All images submitted should meet our QC standards so when we look at a random sample this should represent the quality of all images submitted.


How do I upload to the Alamy Live News feed?

  • You’ll need to apply for access to the Live News upload route. You can do this under the ‘additional revenue options’ section of your contributor dashboard. If you have any queries, you can email our news team at news@alamy.com.


Want to send us reportage / archival images?

  • We have an additional upload route for collections of reportage or archival images which might not meet our technical standards for regular stock imagery.

  • What do we mean by reportage images?
    Photojournalistic images illustrating a story but captured under difficult circumstances and might not pass our standard QC checks. Examples include photo essays or features.

  • What do we mean by archival images?
    Images that are historically or culturally significant, examples include film stills, press archives and specialist collections.

 You can apply for Reportage/Archival image upload through your contributor dashboard, or by completing this application form.


Mistakenly uploaded images?

  • Our system doesn’t let us delete images during processing or quality control. If they pass QC you can delete them under the ‘optional’ tab in the Alamy Image Manager.


Looking to upload a release?

  • We’ve removed the upload function for releases as we don’t need you to upload them. All you need to do is annotate your images saying that there is one available and then we will get in touch with you if the customer needs it.


Want to mark your images as exclusive to Alamy?

  • You can mark your images as exclusive by ticking the 'only available on Alamy' box under the 'optional' tab in the Alamy Image Manager. You can do this in batches of 500 at a time by selecting multiple submissions in the left hand column using the 'shift' key and then ticking 'select all passed'. You can also set a default for all future submissions under the settings cog icon in the image manager. You’ll find more info about what classifies an image as exclusive here.


Seen your image being used but the sale is not listed yet?

  • Some customers report usages to us over a set period of time. If you’ve seen your images being used it can take up to 3 months to appear as a sale in your account. If you have a sale that remains unpaid beyond this timeframe please be aware that our credit control team will have a record of this and will be chasing the client for payment accordingly.


Looking to upload video?

  • Thanks for your interest but at the moment we’ve closed our video application process to focus on the stills side of our business.



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