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Stephen Wilkes amazing stitched photos

Michael Ventura

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I love when people are innovative with photography.  Stephen Wilkes has been doing these stitched photos for a while where he combines daylight to nighttime shots all in one large final image.  Fun to look at.  You can see this new one, shot in Washington DC here  There is also a short time-lapse video of him shooting all the pics to make the stunning composite photo.

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He also made the film about Jay Maisel... "Jay Myself". I met him quite by accident when I went to a gallery to see an exhibit of these amazing day to night photos. I wasn't expecting anything with animals but the first image was of albatross on Steeple Jason Island in the Falkland Islands. It was shortly before I was going to the Falklands and I noticed this guy talking to a friend about the image. I realized he was the photographer and got to talk to him about the Falklands and his experience taking that photo. One of those wonderful New York City happenings.




PS. If you want to see that image it is here... https://www.artsy.net/artwork/stephen-wilkes-albatross-steeple-jason-falkland-islands-day-to-night-1

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