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You've done some terrific work with the NEX-3, John. You're gonna be over the moon with the NEX-6! I will almost certainly be buying the new RX10, but that is to replace my Nikon DSLR gear. I will continue to use and enjoy my NEX-6. 

Thanks, Ed, the NEX-3 has paid for itself several times over and is still going strong. I shan't (Is that really a word?) be parting with it any time soon. The RX10 certainly looks interesting and inevitable, but all this equipment talk is starting to make me dizzy. I think it's high time I concentrated more on the actual picture-taking end of things. After all, a camera is just a camera in the long run.

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Let me add a thank-you for posting the review site, John;  I had not seen it before.  The reviewer agrees with what I already found and believe about all my NEX lenses (16, 24, 30 Sony and 30 Sigma, and 50).  I will be selling off both 30's and the 16 pancake and will buy the newer Sigma 18. I'm in no rush to do this, especially if I buy the RX10 and have the Zeiss zoom at 24 to use. 


(Shan't is a word, mostly used in British English, and of course means "shall not.") 

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