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  1. After a while of being dormant I want to get back into stock pics but my laptop is well in need of repairs & updating, so does anyone have good suggestions of a good workhorse. All thoughts would be most helpful into me making a decision, thanks.
  2. Has anyone found that optimizing their images actually help? I have been trying to improve on the discoverability & hope that the green line progresses, sometimes yes sometimes no. I do have a lot in the "amber" zone so is it worth trying to help them or do they get found & sold without the extra work involved with images already posted previously? A fellow photographer did tell me recently that she sold a picture of a really weird sign that was only in "amber"!! However there were not many with that particular caption, so that may have helped her. Any imput you have on my questions
  3. I keep meaning to add to my free photoshelter images as I would like to apply for the reportage uploads but I am having problems & have a feeling that photoshelter have stopped the free accounts. Does anyone here know if this is the case as if it is I will need to find another outlet for my website link when I do want to apply for the reportage route. Any help on photoshelter would be really appreciated, thanks, Libby
  4. Thanks patriotic, I would appreciate having the step by step guide.
  5. Thank you all for your replies, interested in the posting about "vmware" to run xp. Not sure what you mean as I'm still niave on computers, fine with Photoshop & what I need to know. Libby
  6. With the demise of support for xp what do the followers in this forum think is the best to do. I remember borrowing a friend's laptop with windows 7 & found it far from user friendly, having been with xp since first getting computers. Anyone in the same boat?.... Libby
  7. Am I right in thinking that the camera does not have image stabilisation, but the lenses do.
  8. Thanks to you all with your very helpful remarks. Well my Birthday & Christmas is on the way so money is on my present list !!! Libby
  9. Does anyone have any experience of this camera. It looks an interesting camera from the point of being light when out & about. Would like to know your thoughts...... Libby
  10. I have noticed the submission now states awaiting QC.
  11. I have noticed that the pics I uploaded yesterday went to processing 24 days. I usually get 23 days then soon after goes awaiting qc. Does this mean anything untoward? Libby
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