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Constructive criticism please

Aurore Shirley

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Hi Aurora:


I only looked at a couple of pages of your images - many could be improved in editing by lightening up the exposure a notch, lessening the contrast, and opening up the shadows. I don't know which photo image editor you are using, as I use photoshop, but with such strong contrast you are losing a lot of details in the shadows. I have the same issues with many of my images, and have really been working on the editing process. 

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The ones I like best are when you have a clear subject being illustrated - showing the viewer what a place or a thing is like. For me there are too many general views which do not have any real point of focus and I'm not sure what I am supposed to be looking at or gaining from the image. 


A lot of them have no people - many of the places look deserted. Including people when appropriate adds life and interest to images of streets, bars etc


Also, for wildlife you need to use Latin names.


In general tighten up the captions because then you will by necessity have to think about what the picture is for.


The lighting is overly harsh with many looking as though they were shot in the middle of the day when the tropical sun is too bright.

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looking at top half page 1, in ACR or similar:

a. exposure slider add +1.0

b. contrast slider to +60
c. highlights slider to -80

d. shadows slider to +80

e. texture slider to +40

f. vibrance slider to +40

g. saturation slider to 0


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