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Studio Light Setup app


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Very nice.

I have an app for that, too. $0.00.

Between my ears. ;)

I've been using that $0 app for a while too. It tends to lose data and often very imprecise :) It also takes much more time to get the setup exactly as you want it just from your memory.


Btw, I have a couple of promo codes for photographers who are willing to review and rate the app in exchange for a free download of it. Let me know, ladies and gentlemen, and I'll send you one.




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Now I am thinking "what is the right set up in the studio..? I have used all types of lights ..I have even used builders lights at times and they worked well, remember they are only very cheap compered to  to the  £1000s I spent on studio  lights and props, backdrops ETC "what a waste" but we have to go through these things ..   Its all down to the individual, our taste and style changes so much  over the years..when I look at some of my work now I think  yuck..    :wacko:

 (Its all trial and error) and with this digital age it won't cost you money. "just learning by your mistakes"..  At one time I just loved high key not any more.. I don't even  like studio work shot much nowadays.. "yes so a lot of the time  all my equipment is just doing nothing"

             I thought I needed all that stuff after using it in college but how wrong I was...


Then I changed to  outdoor simple portraits and I know this style was  popular for a long time but I think we have to go through all types of photography and not just do something because someone else photos look great on the net.., our individual  style is changing all of the time ...So yes my  tastes has changed plenty over the years ..When the high key shots were popular having shadows in the background was just a no no .. Now I love background shadows all types in and out of the studio. I don't do much these days as I have lost interest in in photography so I am hoping joining Alamy with spark some kind of interest for me and get me out and about with my cameras.. yes I do need to dust them down and make then earn their money ..I know this site if full of professional togs working for high profile company's something I didn't do  but for anyone just starting out in their photography career and working for themselves  think very hard before you run out and buy expensive equipment ... you can rent a studio very cheaply these days with all the equipment you need ...and sometimes there is someone there to help with lighting setups... 


 PS I didn't do  photography all my working life like most of you I only started doing payed work  about 10  years ago and it was my second job I don't think I had the confidence  to give up my well payed  day job of which was only 20 hours a week... So for me photography has always been sitting there in the background of my life...So no I have never made my mark on the photography world  at all.. O yes I have had a small amount of my  work published tho....


 Well that's My Sunday morning story...now for a cuppa...  :)   Barbara 

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