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April 2021 favourite uploads

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I took this on top of Mt. Battie in Maine, 2009. I wish I knew what year Wrangler this is. I looked and looked but couldn’t find an example that has the rectangular light on the front fender, nor the stripes. I’m not a car person. On top, are those lobster pots, cages, traps....what exactly are they called?


I was shooting a Nikon D300 then, and so many of my uploads of that east coast trip failed. I’ve been going through DVDs of that trip and one of the west coast trip in ‘06. Most of the images don’t compare favorably to what I’m shooting with Fuji mirrorless, but that could be down, only in part, to user error. Back then, if a submission failed, I didn’t re-upload any of them, so I’m finding a few decent ones now.
Anyone who knows the Jeep Wrangler year, please chime in.



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10 hours ago, Alan Beastall said:



A piggy back ride for toads.







Biodegradable packaging made from maize and desolves in water.




Alan, Betty,


There is already a thread of April favourite uploads. Perhaps you would like to merge this one with the earlier one?


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