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I know about refunds, we don't like them, but hopefully it helps to keep customers happy therefore coming back and buying in future.

This one I had seems a bit strange. Before I take it up with Alamy, does anyone have an explanation?

Date of invoice: 11th June 2020

Use: Usage: Magazines and books ;  Start: 17-June-2020 ; End: 17-June-2025

Paid: August 2020

Refunded: September 2020.

If they didn't actually use the file in June, why did they pay for it in August, then get a refund? (It hasn't been repurchased) Surely they'd just have said "we're not going to use it" and got the invoice cancelled. Am I missing something?

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On 08/11/2020 at 14:35, meanderingemu said:

bankruptcy would be a possibility i guess.   if item ended up not published,  i assume creditors would be able to get it back.

Oh, I hadn't thought about bankruptcy! Thanks for the suggestion.

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