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Data breach message after sign-in

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Ever since we've had the new sign-in window this week, whenever I sign in, I get a pop-up message from Chrome that a data breach in a site or app has exposed my password, and that I should change it. Anybody else getting this?

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I've just signed out and signed back in to both the main Alamy site and the forum and did not get the same pop up that you are experiencing.


Google support confirm that thie is a genuine mesage and provide an explanation for it here.


In summary, it suggests that the user name/password combination you are using as been reported as compromised on some website or other (not necessarily the one where you are getting the message. Looks like it warrants further investigation.

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put the email address you use to sign in into the website: https://haveibeenpwned.com


This is safe and legitimate and is run by Troy Hunt, a well known name in IT security. It will tell you if your email address used to sign in to a service on the web has been subject to a data breach and what that service was. 


You should not use the same password across multiple sites for this reason. 

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