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CTR 0.00 No views. Must be my keywording.

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Hi I am new here on the forum.


First, greetings to all.


Started getting more serious about a year ago, but consider myself a real newbie. 

Since the start my CTR has been average and I had some regular zooms. (and some sales) But the las two months it went down to CTR 0.000000. Haha

No zooms. No views. Is this strange? as I always had at least some views in a month (day). I know I still have a lot to improve on keywording.

But hey no views at all? Looks I disappeared from the Alamy world.


I'd be really grateful for any advice.







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There was a forum discussion on this subject two weeks ago. Quite a few people, especially those with smallish portfolios (myself included), have had similar experience recently. The gist of the discussion seems to lean towards there not being a major problem with views per se but simply the statistical  ups and downs of Alamy life when you have maybe 2000 images in a collection of 41 million. 


The one thing I would suggest is checking that the images you have set as RF are indeed sellable as RF. If buyers are searching for a RF image and see images with elements in it which may be subject to copyright and trademarks, then they will ignore them unless it is clear there is a property release available.This will have the effect of lowering your CTR. Looking through your portfolio I noticed a number which I know would be rejected as RF by other agencies, the pictures of the Harley Davidson bikes with a clearly visible  logo being one example.

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I'm with Losdemas on this--no views at all on nearly 2,000 images seems very strange to me, particularly if you were getting regular views up until two months ago. Have you really not had a single view (let alone zoom) over the past 30 or 60 days? If so, the only possible explanation I can think of is that your Alamy rank suddenly bottomed out for some reason, your photos are only appearing at the end of very long searches, and no buyers are searching that deep into the the collection. The time frame is wrong, though: the last Alamy re-rank was (I believe) back in June or July, more than two months ago. Unless your keywording changed just before your views crashed, I don't think we can blame that.

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Sorry about it, but I am mistaken with this and saw there are indeed some views.  But obviously no zooms at all, resulting in a 0.00 Ctr. I was wrong and did not checked carefully. :wacko:

Although I have to admit that I since 2 month dropped down to O.OO Ctr. Before that time had some (not much) zooms and way more views.


And Joseph, think you are right, about the RF status on some photos. Actually remember Alamy sending me a message about it. So this could really be a side effect of me bottoming out.

Thanks for the advice. I will have to check this on all the images in order to not disappear completely from Alamy

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