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Jose Decio Molaro


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Hello Jose, I'm not clear what it is you are asking. The term Subtitles is not used in tagging images at Alamy.


Captions need to be proper sentences in English. However make sure you include as many words as you can which describe the main subject ofthe image, but without making the caption a list of keywords.


Tags and supertags (or keywords as some of us persist in calling them) can be single words or short phrases, each separated by a comma. For your picture of brooms, I would use 'piassava broom', 'piassava brooms', broom, brooms and piassava. Note that, at Alamy, plurals have to be added manually, if required.


I would also recommend that you remove the words 'maid' and 'houswewife' from the list of tags as these things do not appear in the picture (even if they are implied). Inaccurate tags will  produce false positives in customer searches and, over time, will harm your position in search results.

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