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  1. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    Hi Edo, I have sent you an email. Regards Jenny
  2. Edo in San Miguel de Allende

    have been without internet for a few weeks so only just noticed this thread, or the latest on it. Ed, I live an hour north of Lisbon, been in Portugal for 8 some years now. Anything you would like to ask, please feel free. Let me know and we will try to sort how to contact (now there is no PM available), as don't want to fill this thread. Jenny
  3. Tagging for best visibility

    Firstly, the three images I looked at did not even mention aircraft, aeroplane or the type of. Flying, sky etc etc. get those important tags in! What do you see? Then as long as you have all relevant tags don't worry about going 'green' sear h on the forums, its been discussed many times before. But the most important is the relevant
  4. Are you uploading them all in one batch or one at a time?
  5. Hi all, thank you for taking time. Just to clarify I only put the commas above to seperate the words for my question in this post, I don't put them in when tagging and would definitely put X Market, and X market London as seperate tags. My main concern was the order they sat in. Thank you again, I will carry on updating and amending as I have been. Have a good week. Jenny
  6. thank you, I was getting worried that all of the legacy images I have already gone through would need to be done again! Phew.
  7. I am confused (not hard!) as to whether the order of tags and supertags is important. What I mean is if I had an image of A market in London for example, and in my supertags I had vegetables, fruit, stall, vendor, X market, London.....etc etc, would it appear higher in a search for X market, London, if I adjusted the order of the supertags, placing X market, London, before the other supertags? If it is, is there an easy way to move them around? Thanks
  8. Help Ed Rooney

    Wow, Alamy you just literally made me gasp and tear up all at the same time! Well done awesome. Ed, I too will be sending you something but just flying out of country for a funeral so will do it when I get back. Wishing you all the best. Jenny
  9. Filters on images

    I emailed CR and this is what they said Quote:- You can add filters to images going in the main collection but they still need to meet our technical requirements. We usually don’t recommend adding certain filters to images as it gives customers less scope to do what they want with the images. If you leave images natural, customers can then add a filter if they want to. -end quote I am most surprised about the scratchy type filter as in the one I originally mentioned, but hey, live and learn.
  10. Filters on images

    Wow, thanks everyone. Either I completely misunderstood (way back when I read the rules ) or I missed a change along the way. That will teach me to keep having long breaks in uploading. Have a good weekend everyone and stay warm and dry whereever you are.
  11. Filters on images

    I was going to ask before as have started to see various filters cropping up, like vintage type, but this particular one is what I would decribe as 'mobile phonish'.
  12. Filters on images

    I notice on the images sold March thread an image with vintage retro filter, (very instagrammy) but not a number from the 'S......o' type of images. I always thought we could not put filters like that. Has that changed or was it never the case and I misunderstood?
  13. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    I have taken a screenshot if required as its only on the front page of the BBC website and I can't seem to get a link using ipad
  14. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    This image is also on the BBC news website.
  15. Dead Animal

    Little bit off topic, but may be worth you reporting to someone incase they were poisoned? And I would definitely upload them