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  1. I agree with Gen your food shots are lovely BUT you seem to have made the common mistake of having more than one image selected when you are adding your keywords and captions. Some of your other food shots have all the information that you put for the chocolate cupcakes. When you select an image to add keywords (tags) make sure you click on it again to deselect once you are finished. I would get those changed as soon as possible or they will not be found in searchs or will come up as irrelevant.
  2. I am probably wrong but thought it was an african daisy, osteospermum
  3. Douglas I know you did not ask, but just thought I would point out, when keywording (tagging) your images, make sure you are deselecting the previous one. If you do not deselect then those tags will go onto the next image(s), as seems to have happened with yours. You have a lot that have the tags etc for the blue angel on the bench and it has happened with other images like the corn on roadside. Make the corrections now while you only have a small portfolio or your images will never be found by buyers.
  4. almost definitely a beef cow due to the straight back. Could also be crossed, but try Normande as a start, but that is a dairy cow 🤔 but markings look right
  5. I am in Portugal and more often than not am unable to view any of their news stories that have videos.
  6. Ask Alamy to delete it, simple. BUT as per your contract/agreement, images will not be fully deleted for up to 6 months.
  7. you will have to ask contributor relations for a definitive answer, but Alamy do not just delete images from your account. The most likely cause will be that you asked them to delete some that you uploaded twice. But as I say, only Alamy can answer
  8. I have spent most of the week sanding back all the cupboards in my kitchen. They were heavily varnished and the yellow dust, despite my best efforts, has of course travelled everywhere. My fingers have been worn almost to the bone, getting into all the crevices of the cornice and door inlays. My knees hurt from getting down to sand back the kick boards. The doors were fixed with long ornate hinges that made it impossible to sand behind. So I duly spent a very long time trying to remove them, they were sunk into the wood. Not an easy task as some of the screws snapped and some of the hinges wou
  9. Thanks Gareth. Unfortunately, (and annoyingly) the Sony remote function will not work in Portugal, so will take a look at that.
  10. when you open your images in your editing programme, (lightroom, photoshop etc) you need to CLICK on it (select it) and SCAN it (with your eyes) at 100% zoom. so actual pixels size. You need to check the whole image to ensure no faults. the list of reasons for rejection are in the submissions guidelines.
  11. Stockimo images are not accessible via Image Manager, only via your stockimo app
  12. yes have had one in Porto, asked for the sauce on the side though as hate soggy chips. mine came with an egg, it should also have beef and ham as well as the chorizo. I struggled to eat even half, as you say, a heart attack on a plate!
  13. one the subject of eggy bread, one of my favourites is : make a cheese sandwich, dip it in a beaten egg, (I like to cut the sandwich into quarters first) covering both sides then cook in a pan in a little butter until both sides are golden brown. yum I like mine with ketchup on it.
  14. https://www.alamy.com/myupload/help/AIM-InstructionManual.pdf#page=16 or this https://www.alamy.com/blog/tagging-images-on-alamy
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