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  1. I can see what looks like a creature with wings coming out of the water on the right hand section. Now I see it, I can not unsee it! Can anyone else?
  2. A friend volunteers at a local dog shelter. I have said since I lost my last dog and gained my 'freedom' that I would not have another. I do occasional dog sitting to help friends out when they go away. Well, I seem to have just talked myself into 'fostering' a dog from the kennels who had a puppy overnight. The kennels were not aware she was pregnant. So looks like I will be confined to quarters with a dog and a newborn puppy.
  3. I have quite a few images that I should be editing and uploading but just do not have the enthusiasm. I am now having my Portuguese language lessons via Skype instead of one-to-one, so I always have plenty of homework to do from that. I keep telling myself to switch off from the internet, but it draws you back Today I think I will finish my homework in preparation for my lesson in the morning, take a walk to the communal rubbish bins, then get out a jigsaw puzzle. Oh, and make a quiche of which I can eat some over the next couple of days, and slice and freeze the rest.
  4. new regulations are coming into force here in Portugal. No school, college etc. libraries closed, restrictions on numbers of people allowed in restaurants etc, only 10 people allowed at funerals (in my area, not sure if that is countrywide), no going to church, Easter at Fatima cancelled I believe. As of Monday most if not all of the bars in my area are closing for at least two weeks. There is a run on a lot of the supermarkets at the moment but thats only really happened in the last couple of days. Our number of suspected cases has doubled in the last 24 hours
  5. And appears to be yet another person who asks for advice and then completely ignores it or even acknowledge it :(
  6. Many thanks Wim, great help. Jenny
  7. I have already removed the word Buddha as I know its not, can anyone help with ID for this goddess thanks.
  8. As Paulette says you have some lovely images, and need more added to your portfolio, with the inclusion of the latin names for animals and plants. I am just going out of the door so do not have time to give examples of specific images, but I noticed that your keywords need to be looked at very carefully. You need to say what is in the image. I noticed you have some of a village in Italy, you mention snow, there is no snow in the image (there were others that were not appropriate, but as I say rushing out). One of your lion images says mouth open....it is not. If you have a lion, include singular and plural ( some people may just search for lion or some search for lions even if they do not necessarily want an image with more than one) . You include photograph in your keywords, not necessary. you have an image of yellow and red peppers (?) tomatoes (?) not sure what they are, but you have it keywords as main coon cat. Some images with the horses you say women but there are not any in the image. An image of people buying fish in Zanzibar, you say Masai (I am pretty sure they are not) and you have words like hunger, holy , why? Hope this helps. Take time to look at them all very carefully while you only have a few because when you have thousands it will be a nightmare to go back through them.
  9. I have no idea, but what is really weird is that when looking at AOA and seeing one of these types of searches, even when it shows hundreds of images have come back in that search, if I click it, it says can't find anything ! I have tried it with quite of few of them. Maybe it's unique to a particular client?
  10. I thought that at first, but I think it maybe is a typo and he meant to say 'now' as opposed to 'not'
  11. Thanks. I think I would worry too much and maybe tend to be overly cautious. As you say too, often not worth the time and effort trying to remove.
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