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Image with Alamy watermarks in YouTube video

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I’ve just found an image of mine featured within the body of a YouTube video dating from January this year. This image of a combine harvester fire has recently licenced through Alamy for use in the body of a TV show. The thing that seems “off” to me is the fact that if the YouTube use was genuine surely they would not use a watermarked version of the image. Is this something I should be reporting as an unauthorised use or is there realistically no likelihood of getting anywhere with it. The video in question has had 4.4k views and the contributor has 1.29k subscribers so I’m guessing they are making money out of this. If anyone’s interested this is the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dELUrBcv6GE

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Thanks for taking the time to give advice both of you, as someone who is still finding their way around here it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll email CR as the first point of call and if not try the route pointed out by meanderingemu. Is it a simple enough procedure issuing a take down notice?

Thanks again both of you for your advice, it really is appreciated. Cheers. James :)

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