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  1. Presumably you are trying to upload 3 images, no more/no less as required for the initial upload?
  2. BBC online http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20200107-welcome-to-jchymov-the-czech-town-that-invented-the-dollar Michael Heitmann/dpa/Alamy Live News - Image ID: WCE7R4
  3. Its just updated a few minutes ago but mine, at least, is showing by far the lowest daily views I've had for a long, long time (bar the Christmas period that is)
  4. Thanks for the tip about the batteries and grip, I'm going to try without the grip initially as I want to keep it as compact as possible and I've only got smallish hands, batteries are on order though Thats pretty much going to be my combination so its good to know it works for you
  5. I don't know whether this could be related but as a lowly 3 star kind of chap my last sub from thursday only cleared today whereas they normally go through in one working day without fail. I'm guessing its a holiday period related glitch
  6. You guys have only gone and done it now, pushed me over the edge that is! I've been ummhing and ahhing over getting one of these for about 18 months now and reading this threads just encouraged me to pull the trigger on a mkIII. Thanks folks, any chance any of you are up for explaining this to my better half? 🤣
  7. This has been my first year contributing to Alamy (I signed up a couple of years ago but never got around to doing anything about it until March/April this year). I made one sale at the end of June and then got a little despondent after that due to a lack of any further sales or even zooms. Since mid August, however, my zooms, and corresponding CTR have been steadily improving so I'm quite pleased and now fairly optimistic looking ahead to next (this?) year
  8. One thing that might be worth pointing out re DxO Photolab is that it doesn't support raw file from cameras using the Fuji Xtrans sensor. I trialled it when I was using a Canon/Olympus combination and was very pleased with it but it was a no go as I was in the process of ditching Oly for Fuji. Disclosure- this was using Photolab 2 so may have changed now we're on to 3
  9. I think its probably red banded polypore Fomitopsis pinicola.
  10. I'm still on 3 stars but I'm also still going through QC within 24hrs
  11. I'm still on 3 stars but I'm also still going through QC within 24hrs
  12. I'm still on 3 stars and having to wait for submissions to go through. I've not failed QC as yet but I've only been actively contributing since about April this year so I'm guessing that the 5 stars must be at least partly dependent on the amount of time a contributor has been active which to be fair makes a lot of sense
  13. I've just realised I sort of have one of these as well, although the search shows two images they're both mine of the same thing just one in landscape orientation and one in portrait. Not quite sure it counts but its close enough for me
  14. Views to sales is 729 but I dont think I've been contributing for long enough for that to be particularly meaningful. Average CTR is 0.51which seems to be steadily climbing at the moment so approximately 6 months in to actively contributing I'm reasonably happy with things as they stand 😀
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