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  1. I think its probably red banded polypore Fomitopsis pinicola.
  2. I'm still on 3 stars but I'm also still going through QC within 24hrs
  3. I'm still on 3 stars but I'm also still going through QC within 24hrs
  4. I'm still on 3 stars and having to wait for submissions to go through. I've not failed QC as yet but I've only been actively contributing since about April this year so I'm guessing that the 5 stars must be at least partly dependent on the amount of time a contributor has been active which to be fair makes a lot of sense
  5. I've just realised I sort of have one of these as well, although the search shows two images they're both mine of the same thing just one in landscape orientation and one in portrait. Not quite sure it counts but its close enough for me
  6. Views to sales is 729 but I dont think I've been contributing for long enough for that to be particularly meaningful. Average CTR is 0.51which seems to be steadily climbing at the moment so approximately 6 months in to actively contributing I'm reasonably happy with things as they stand 😀
  7. No sales but given the size of my portfolio thats not a huge suprise but I've had a flurry of zooms come in which hopefully is a step in the right direction
  8. Same here, zooms are a rarity for me anyway so I cant comment on that but views are definitely down the last few days 🤔
  9. I thought I was going to have a major job today cleaning my Fujis sensor after processing a batch of images shot in a stubble field. I was genuinely shocked at how bad it was untill I noticed they seemed to move quite dramatically between shots, it took a while to click that I'd been cursing the swarms of flies whilst I was out 🤣 . Im just glad I noticed before I dug the cleaning swabs out
  10. I must say this thread hit home a bit today when I was one of the first people on the scene of an RTA and after offering my assistance the thought crossed my mind that there could be some saleable images in there. It obviously shows how wet around the ears I am that there was no way it was going to happen 🙄
  11. I can sympathise with that, I've never lived there but was born there. The only good thing I've found is the look on the person at the passport desk, they see Boston as place of birth, assume you're American then find out you're lumbered with a broad Lincolnshire accent 🤣
  12. In my (admittedly limited) experience (I do a bit of small bore target shooting) they are too well defined to be bullet holes. As a rule, due the the soft deformable nature of lead bullets, they tend to leave a slightly rounded less distinct edge with hard materials due to "spalling" . When the energy of the round disperses as it expands theres usually a blow back type of effect and the initially neat entry hole gets flaked around the edge more due to material being ejected back out. Re-reading that makes me realise why my wife says I'm useless at explaining things to other people 🤣
  13. I'm on the verge of hitting 40 in a few months time but I'm always told I have the persona of a grumpy old sod which I think is because I tend to be happier with my own company rather than with other people so I can probably add my name to the list of loners here.
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