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  1. Thanks for taking the time to give advice both of you, as someone who is still finding their way around here it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll email CR as the first point of call and if not try the route pointed out by meanderingemu. Is it a simple enough procedure issuing a take down notice? Thanks again both of you for your advice, it really is appreciated. Cheers. James
  2. I’ve just found an image of mine featured within the body of a YouTube video dating from January this year. This image of a combine harvester fire has recently licenced through Alamy for use in the body of a TV show. The thing that seems “off” to me is the fact that if the YouTube use was genuine surely they would not use a watermarked version of the image. Is this something I should be reporting as an unauthorised use or is there realistically no likelihood of getting anywhere with it. The video in question has had 4.4k views and the contributor has 1.29k subscribers so I’m guessing they are making money out of this. If anyone’s interested this is the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dELUrBcv6GE
  3. Third sale ever and second in two day dropped in this afternoon. I’ve been going through a bit of a stressful period the last few months so it’s nice to have a bit of positive news for a change Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media ; Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ; Start: 11-March-2020 ; End: 11-March-2025 ; Additional Details: Website, Social Media and App, any size, single placement and design, worldwide, in perpetuity.
  4. Well I have to say I'm chuffed to bits to actually be posting in this thread. I joined Alamy a few years back but only actively started contributing back in April last year (IIRC), made a mid $$ sale fairly quickly but nothing since until today. This afternoon I've licensed my second image and I'm even more thrilled it's for $$$. Country:Worldwide;Usage:Editorial; Media: Television (editorial) ; Print run: Unlimited transmissions ; Placement: Use within body of show ; Start: 10-March-2020 ; Duration: In perpetuity
  5. I have the dubious pleasure of still living there yes although to be fair there is a fair bit of interest, as you alluded sometimes you just need a bit of yokel knowledge
  6. Speaking as a born and bred “Yellerbelly” I have to take issue with that. For example we have.....??? ermmm, oh and......????? eerrrrr. Actually you may be on to something 😔 do webbed feet count for anything 🤔🤣
  7. Michael Fagan tried that but I’m not sure he licensed many shots from his little escapade 🙄
  8. I’m on three stars and still only get passed at the end of working hours so you guys on 5 must get preferential treatment to a degree at least
  9. No sales but so far in February my zooms exactly match my views giving me a CTR of 100, obviously it won’t last but at the minute I’m quite enjoying the comedy graph it’s given me in measures 🤣
  10. In case it’s of any use to anyone in future I’ve finally sussed this, it’s simply a case of reducing the display size option on the toolbar (?) at the top of the browser page until there’s enough room for everything to fit (in my case 85%)
  11. I’ve just gone back to an iPhone after a spell with android and I’m finding the same issue as the OP. Given that I had got in to the habit of filling in a lot of the fields in AIM on my phone it’s potentially going to be rather annoying.
  12. In addition if you read the QC guidelines I seem to recall that they definitively state that adding grain is a no no
  13. I can't tell from that image but if you've got a closer shot (or can link to a higher res image)of the plants themselves it would be helpful. Best guess from that image on a phone screen would be oats but October seems a bit late (in the UK at least)
  14. That was my immediate reaction as well
  15. I had the same this morning, I put it down to the fact I had a batch pass QC on Thursday (I think) for which I never received a pass email so I assume it just came through late. I will confess to getting all excited that I may have reached the giddy heights of 5 star status when I saw a QC pass come through shortly after submission at 3am but my hopes have been cruelly dashed
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