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  1. It’s been pretty good for me. Two sales for $150 gross (bringing my total here up to five) although one of those was through a distributor. CTR at 1.31
  2. It’s very rare that I manage to upload more than 2-3 images at a time without having to start over again. I assume that, in my case at least, it’s down to rural broadband speeds 😔
  3. This one dropped in this morning Country: Germany ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Television (editorial) ; Print run: up to 1 transmission ; Placement: Use within body of show ; Start: 01-May-2020 ; End: 01-May-2021 ; Additional Details: Germany, Television (editorial), The royalties breakdown seemed a bit odd to me though RM exclusive $67.02, deductions $46.92, net due $20.10? I’m guessing that means it’s through a distributor. Oh well a sales a sale Edit- Not quite sure why there’s no Alamy watermark showing? Re-edit - Watermark should be there now
  4. My fourth sale’s just dropped in, high $$ exclusive - Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Marketing package ; Start: 12-June-2020 ; Duration: In perpetuity ; Additional Details: Use in marketing materials for a single campaign, worldwide (excludes paid-for advertising).
  5. Looks like I’d better go back and change a couple of mine as well then. Thanks Allan
  6. There’s some very interest images there but I’m pretty sure you’ll find that image 0402IDM.jpg is of Lincoln Cathedral taken from Castle Square rather than York
  7. That’s a coincidence. We’ve got friends that live in Barkston and my wife used to run the toddler group there a while back
  8. Congrats on the move and welcome to Lincolnshire From what I’ve read it sounds like we’re practically neighbours so hello from almost Grantham / Sleaford 👋
  9. I suspect if you go in to the lens correction area and turn off hide distorted area you’ll find Capture One has cropped your area slightly
  10. I’m certainly shooting an awful lot less down to the simple fact that my wife and I are both still working flat out which we’re having to juggle with home schooling a primary age child and look after a 3 year old. As you can probably imagine it doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else
  11. I suppose you could argue the correct size/crop is what ever suits the picture the best but the standard for APS-C is 3:2. I must say recently though, I’ve been using 16:9 a lot more especially for landscapes
  12. No sales but more disappointingly in a way is that it’s the first month since last July (3 months after I started) that I didn’t have a single zoom To be fair it’s not exactly unexpected and given the current situation it’s not really the worst thing that could happen. Onwards and upwards:)
  13. Annoyingly we’re also struggling to find flour. What is frustrating is that we have about 850 tons of milling wheat in the grain store but no way to grind it down 😠
  14. It sounds like you'd love the Fuji range of cameras. I have the XT3 and with physical knobs to set ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation as well as a good old fashioned aperture ring on most lens' it feels very reminiscent of an old 35mm SLR. It was one of the main reasons I came away from Canon and think it's possible even more analogue than my old faithful Pentax ME super that I learnt on back in my early teens. It certainly brings back a lot of fun to photography
  15. It almost looks like London Plane (Plantus x hispanica) to me but the leaves aren’t developed enough for me to be sure as it’s not a tree we get particularly locally:)
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