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  1. Same here, zooms are a rarity for me anyway so I cant comment on that but views are definitely down the last few days 🤔
  2. I thought I was going to have a major job today cleaning my Fujis sensor after processing a batch of images shot in a stubble field. I was genuinely shocked at how bad it was untill I noticed they seemed to move quite dramatically between shots, it took a while to click that I'd been cursing the swarms of flies whilst I was out 🤣 . Im just glad I noticed before I dug the cleaning swabs out
  3. I must say this thread hit home a bit today when I was one of the first people on the scene of an RTA and after offering my assistance the thought crossed my mind that there could be some saleable images in there. It obviously shows how wet around the ears I am that there was no way it was going to happen 🙄
  4. I can sympathise with that, I've never lived there but was born there. The only good thing I've found is the look on the person at the passport desk, they see Boston as place of birth, assume you're American then find out you're lumbered with a broad Lincolnshire accent 🤣
  5. In my (admittedly limited) experience (I do a bit of small bore target shooting) they are too well defined to be bullet holes. As a rule, due the the soft deformable nature of lead bullets, they tend to leave a slightly rounded less distinct edge with hard materials due to "spalling" . When the energy of the round disperses as it expands theres usually a blow back type of effect and the initially neat entry hole gets flaked around the edge more due to material being ejected back out. Re-reading that makes me realise why my wife says I'm useless at explaining things to other people 🤣
  6. I'm on the verge of hitting 40 in a few months time but I'm always told I have the persona of a grumpy old sod which I think is because I tend to be happier with my own company rather than with other people so I can probably add my name to the list of loners here.
  7. I uploaded on the 17th and it was still on the Wxxxxxx format but my submission on the 19th was 2xxxxxxxxx so judging by whats being said above the change was on the 18th/19th refresh. Not that I'd noticed I have to admit. As Matt Ashmore pointed out it seems odd they never made it to the end of the alphabet though 🤔
  8. I dont know if this is relevant to this thread or not but here we go anyway ;). I'm finding more and more often as I upload one image or maybe two if I'm lucky will go then the screen resets to the "what are you uploading" screen and then the same thing happens ad infinitum. It's ok if you're only putting a few image on but you (I) certainly can't just set it going and leave it
  9. Thanks. I take your point about posting too many similars, I think sometimes I'm a little prone to getting caught up in the moment and then want to share it (the combine fire being a case in point). I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look and share your advice. Thanks again. James
  10. Thanks, I really appreciate your input. Do you really think more ag machinery type pictures are worth uploading? I was reviewing my portfolio recently and was on the verge of culling a lot of that sort of image but if they're likely to sell I'll get shooting more instead. To me they're dull boring everyday pictures that if I'm honest I don't get a huge amount of joy taking, but... Its one subject that I get a lot of opportunity to shoot easily so if the consensus is that its worthwhile I'll keep at it (at least it gives our employees a giggle watching me ) Thanks again. James
  11. I just thought I'd post the conclusion to this. I emailed contributor relations as suggested and apparently it was simply an error on the licence invoice so all is above board so to speak. As an aside I have to say I'm really impressed with the response from Alamy, I had a reply confirming that they would look in to this pretty much at business opening and a second one about 20mins later with the result so I couldn't really ask for better. Thanks again everyone for your advice and thanks Alamy for being so prompt
  12. To be fair that thought hadn't escaped me and to be honest I'm quite chuffed that its on the cover i just wasn't sure what the implications were
  13. Thanks all, I'll drop them a line and see what they say. Being fairly new at this I didnt know whether that was just the way it worked or not so I appreciate all your help. Thanks again. James
  14. Hello, as above really. I had a sale a while back with the following licence - "Country: United KingdomUsage: Consumer goodsMedia: CalendarPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideStart: 19 June 2019End: 19 June 2020" I've found the calendar on sale online and my image is also the featured picture on the front cover. Is this normal practice or is it something I should be flagging to Alamy? Thanks in advance. James
  15. Thanks for taking the time to have a look I'll keep plodding along and try to get my numbers up. Thanks again. James
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