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  1. Many thanks for the spot (apologies for it being somewhat late but with all that’s gone off recently I’d lost interest with Alamy a bit so haven’t been on here much). Thanks again (much appreciated especially as it’s my first mention on the images found thread)
  2. If this is right it would be nice if he had the balls to do so in person rather than via a third party 🤔
  3. I think what I find particularly galling/offensive is the fact they have the nerve to effectively say that the reason for for reduced the rate for exclusive images is that we (the suppliers of their merchandise) are deemed to be too dishonest for our declaration of exclusivity to be taken seriously 😡
  4. This dropped in this afternoon, is it unusual to get quite so many details as to where the image has licenced? I’ve only ever had rough details of usage and country or region. Low $$ 2021 W06PBC RM Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Website, app and social media ; Start: 18-March-2021 ; End: 18-March-2026 ; Additional Details: For Editorial use on vogue.co.uk, glamourmagazine.co.uk, gq-magazine.co.uk, cntraveller.com, wired.co.uk, houseandgarden.co.uk, tatler.co.uk (ex
  5. I’ll add another pizza to the thread. Slightly unconventional and certainly not for the traditionalists as it has an unleavened flatbread base. We knock these out occasionally as a quick weekend treat for the kids (they can be made and on the plate in about half an hour)
  6. Feb was looking like a poor month in every way until towards the end when a flurry of zooms came in as well as my first sale for months. As it was it all ended rather well with C.T.R. at 0.97 and low $$$ gross
  7. It seems far too long since I've been able to post in this thread (fair enough with the size of my port and everything else that's been happening in the world) but after at least 7 or 8 months I finally can again and I must say it's given me a much needed boost mentally. This has just dropped in today for lowish $$$ IQ license in perpetuity to the US market and a self portrait to boot
  8. Good thing today. I moved three radiators and removed another,capping off the pipes, in one of the farm cottages we're renovating. The systems been re-pressurised now and no leaks, always a good start
  9. @Allan Bell Just had a quick flick through your port and noticed 2CTCJMC is barley not wheat
  10. Two good things today firstly my new laptop was delivered earlier and secondly I’ve just had a text inviting me for my COVID jab so it’s booked for next Thursday
  11. Surely it’s technically Cottage pie? The description says beef
  12. Thank you, if it happens again I’ll try that. Really appreciate you taking the time to help. Thanks again. James
  13. Update. Bizarrely, after 4 hours of not working they’re now all reconnected 🤔 . Not quite sure I understand that and I suppose I’ll just have to cross my fingers and toes and hope it stays that way
  14. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I was wondering whether any of you knowledgeable fellows might have an idea as to what is going on here. For some reason my IPhone and Ipad as well as an old Iphone i've just tried wont connect to my router. The devices show the router is there and having reset the network settings I've got as far as entering in the password but then I just get a spinning circle and no wi-fi symbol appears at the top of the screen. The weird part is that my Windows laptop is fine and so are my wifes Iphone and Ipad. I've also tried connecting to the router at
  15. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12737-your-covid-19-images/?do=findComment&comment=268564
  16. I found a picture from the 1920s taken of the road through our small village that was clearly taken from pretty much bang on the end of our driveway. Not that much seems to have changed either apart from there being no pavements and the road verges look better maintained
  17. I’m in the slightly odd position that my number of views has tanked over the last few months but my zooms have stayed consistent, so good for CTR (if that makes any difference these days)
  18. Under 50s get the free jab if they have various underlying health conditions as well as pregnant women. Younger children also have a nasal flu vaccination (from age 2- end of primary school if I remember correctly)
  19. A couple of Alamy Live News pics on the BBC websites In Pictures : Winter scenes from around the UK https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-55674785
  20. 197 which genuinely surprised me (I’d have guessed at about 50).I’ve had an insanely busy and stressful year at work and it felt like I’d hardly had chance to pick the camera up.
  21. 5 licences for $369 (all in the first half of the year though) which given the size of my port I can live with. The second half has seen both views and zooms drop significantly although at least my CTR is holding up
  22. I know this probably sounds a stupid suggestion (given it sounds like you’ve taken the car to be checked over) but it might be worth checking the coils. They shouldn’t affect the exhaust but on VWs they have a habit of causing a slight misfire that the emissions sensors pick up on which can put the car in to limp mode edit.. if it is the coils it’s a cheap diy fix but you’ll need the codes reading ideally
  23. Unfortunately you are absolutely incorrect, speaking as a qualified mechanical engineer that is an urban myth. Where do you think the scavenge in the fuel tank is located (hint... it’s not at the top)? The fuel fed to the engine comes from the bottom of the fuel tank therefore any muck that sinks to the bottom is going there regardless of how much there is in the tank (and as SC points out there’s a filter to catch it). I personally believe this myth stems from bikes where when one is running low you switch to the reserve tank which in actuality is a separate fuel feed nearer the bottom of the
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