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  1. Thanks. I take your point about posting too many similars, I think sometimes I'm a little prone to getting caught up in the moment and then want to share it (the combine fire being a case in point). I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look and share your advice. Thanks again. James
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate your input. Do you really think more ag machinery type pictures are worth uploading? I was reviewing my portfolio recently and was on the verge of culling a lot of that sort of image but if they're likely to sell I'll get shooting more instead. To me they're dull boring everyday pictures that if I'm honest I don't get a huge amount of joy taking, but... Its one subject that I get a lot of opportunity to shoot easily so if the consensus is that its worthwhile I'll keep at it (at least it gives our employees a giggle watching me ) Thanks again. James
  3. I just thought I'd post the conclusion to this. I emailed contributor relations as suggested and apparently it was simply an error on the licence invoice so all is above board so to speak. As an aside I have to say I'm really impressed with the response from Alamy, I had a reply confirming that they would look in to this pretty much at business opening and a second one about 20mins later with the result so I couldn't really ask for better. Thanks again everyone for your advice and thanks Alamy for being so prompt
  4. To be fair that thought hadn't escaped me and to be honest I'm quite chuffed that its on the cover i just wasn't sure what the implications were
  5. Thanks all, I'll drop them a line and see what they say. Being fairly new at this I didnt know whether that was just the way it worked or not so I appreciate all your help. Thanks again. James
  6. Hello, as above really. I had a sale a while back with the following licence - "Country: United KingdomUsage: Consumer goodsMedia: CalendarPrint run: up to 5,000Placement: InsideStart: 19 June 2019End: 19 June 2020" I've found the calendar on sale online and my image is also the featured picture on the front cover. Is this normal practice or is it something I should be flagging to Alamy? Thanks in advance. James
  7. Thanks for taking the time to have a look I'll keep plodding along and try to get my numbers up. Thanks again. James
  8. Hello again folks, I'm hoping you don't mind me giving this a little bump but I've tried to take on board the advice you were all good enough to share with me and make appropriate adjustments to my still small portfolio. I'm just looking for a little reassurance that I'm heading the right way or some guidance if I'm not before I have a mountain of corrections to put in to place. Thanks in advance. James
  9. Thank you all again for taking the time to advise me. As it happens the image in question somehow got through QC so has been duly deleted ready to resubmit a hopefully flawless version when I get back home tonight Thanks again. James
  10. Thanks for taking the time to respond, if I'm honest I kind of suspected that would be the case. Oh well it'll teach me more careful in future. Thanks again. James
  11. As above really. I've just submitted a small batch of images for QC that I thought were fine. I just happened to look at one of them again on a better monitor and theres a dust spot visible in the sky 😠. Obviously its entirely my fault for not checking more thoroughly but if at all possible I'd like to remove the offending image, sort it and resubmit rather than fail qc over it but I can't seem to find a way to so. Thanks in advance, (a slightly embarrassed) James 😀
  12. Ok, I'm new here so please be gentle but I'm intrigued. Nu? I cant for the life of me think what that could be....... stands back and prepares to feel really stupid
  13. Thanks. I appreciate the point made about some of my photos being taken in dull lighting, it honestly hadnt occurred to me which is the benefit of another set of eyes looking over them. As far as getting images of people working on the farm is concerned, that may be more of a challenge as I know from experience they tend not to hang around long when they see me with a camera. I have tried using a tripod to capture myself at work once as that's how i got the welding picture. Thanks again. James
  14. Again, thank you all for your advice and thoughts on the matter. You've certainly given me plenty to think about. I think I am going to create a farming pseudonym, if nothing else concentrating on the farming aspect to a degree will be a relatively easy way to boost my portfolio size. I'm honestly blown away by how helpful you've all been. I've been a member on other forums in the past where constructive criticism consists of "you're new here thats #*@#*" so for so many of you to take the time to genuinely help is amazing. Once again many, many thanks. James
  15. Thank you everyone for your help, it's opened my eyes a bit to say the least. I think tonight's job will be to do a few farming image searches and go from there. I really can't express enough how grateful I am that you've taken the time to share your experience.
  16. Thanks for the advice, it really is of great help. The sale I've made wasn't a farming one it was the photo of the old barn with the fishing boat next to it. I really hadn't thought of focusing on farming images as I hadn't really thought of anyone being overly interested in them. I suppose when you do something day in day out it becomes mundane but I appreciate your point that I probably have access to things a lot of people don't. Is there any benefit to grouping images together under different pseudonyms or is it purely a way of helping with organisation. To be honest the more I learn about stock the more questions it seems to raise which makes me realise just how much more I've yet to learn (not entirely sure that made sense but I know what I meant). Thanks again for taking the time. It really is most helpful, I really appreciate it
  17. Thank you for taking the time to have a look and for the advice. I'm a farmer by trade so I tend to take quite a few photos in that area. I had thought about adding more farming photos but I'm also acutely aware that they are probably of limited interest to a lot of potential buyers so I'm a little wary of specialising too much in that area. I'd be interested in hearing others thoughts on this. Again thanks for taking the time, it's genuinely greatly appreciated. Thanks again. James
  18. Hello there good people of Alamy. I'm pretty new here and so far only have a very limited number of photographs on here but I'd greatly appreciate any tips, advice, feedback and constructive criticism you would care to give. I'm very much aware my biggest issue is the size of my portfolio but would rather start out doing things properly rather than have to go back in a few months time and sort out a shed load of problems. I've already made one sale that I've put down to beginners luck but that has raised another question in that although I have a sale my CTR and zooms both stand at 0. Thanks in advance for looking and any advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks again. James
  19. Bionic

    Hello all

    Thanks, much appreciated. I'm starting to have a bit of a nose around the forum and hopefully learning a bit already which will hopefully help.
  20. Bionic

    Hello all

    As above hello and good morning all. I'm new to stock photography but have been taking photographs since pretty much forever. I started off with school photographic society and a small darkroom in my parents house but lost interest a bit when digital arrived on the scene. I got back in to it a bit more seriously when my wife bought me an Eos 500d for my thirtieth nearly ten years ago but have started taking it a bit more seriously since a back injury stopped a lot of my other hobbies a few years back. I've only got a very small number of pictures on Alamy so far (only 60ish) but made my first sale yesterday so feeling a new burst of enthusiasm 😀. Looking forwards to getting to know you all and mining some of the knowledge base that resides here. Regards. James 😀. Ps apologies for the sad emoji below I pressed it accidentally and every time I try to delete it my browser seems to crash ☚ī¸
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