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Alamy's thoughts about covid-19 outbreak impact

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One of the photo stock agencies I'm contributor for sent an email to the single contributors to explain in detail its thoughts on any likely impact covid-19 outbreak could have on sales in the near future. It was a nice and professional way to be next to contributors I think and also a tool to "reassure" them somehow.


I really would appreciate if Alamy, one of the biggest photo agencies, could do something similar by expressing its point of view for the near future and its thoughts for what will happen with sales. By email or by intervening in this forum.



Travel Photographer

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27 minutes ago, Kathy deWitt said:

I was momentarily reassured by this email from Alamy: 


Nothing predicted about sales which I imagine will take a while and not sure they would share anyway.





That just links to my own Gmail account. I expect it does to everone else''s as well.

I haven't had the email.

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Sorry, not sure why the link doesn't work.  This is what it said:


Business as usual at Alamy

We’re taking responsible precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and to protect our global teams and customers – but we want to reassure you that it’s business as usual for the whole team at Alamy.


We're used to working digitally and remotely across our UK, US, India and Australian offices and are well prepared for the current circumstances. During our homeworking trials, our customers did not experience any change to the great customer service they're used to from Alamy.


Our sales and customer service teams are available across all our normal communication channels and will respond to your queries and requests in the usual friendly and efficient Alamy way.


These are challenging times and as your creative partner we’d like to navigate this journey together. We value your feedback and ideas so please get in touch if you have thoughts on how we can work better together to ensure your success and safety.


Look after yourselves and your loved ones. We're here to help and support your business.



Take care and stay safe,


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I'm not sure how anyone can make financial predictions at this point with so much worldwide uncertainty - but the fact that they are all set up remotely is reassuring - and I can attest that an email I sent last week was answered promptly. 


I have no idea if adding new photos is the best use of my time right now, especially if the worst happens and I don't have much time left, but doing my normal day to day activity of taking photos, processing, keywording and uploading is reassuring. It's normal life in the face of all this uncertainty. 

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What I am start worried about is not to see cleared sales in the upcoming weeks, something I started to notice already in my account. Cleared sales are becoming more and more rare despite I have many.

What's your experience about?

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