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Tags in other languages

Andrea Mori



I am a new member and started uploading pictures on Alamy just a few days ago.

I have a question: would it be useful to add tags in other languages than English?

For instance, if I have a picture of a dog, would it make any sense to write in tags dog, chien, Hund, cane, perro, and so on?

I started added some tags in my native Italian to my pictures, but immediately started wondering if that may be at all useful.


Thanks in advance to whoever will feel to reply| :)

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Alamy now translates tags and captions into German, French Spanish and Italian, (I think that's all) itself and whilst the process is imperfect, specifically advises against doing it ourselves, so presumably it can do harm if it gives the translator a headache or something! That said, after a forum discussion when the new sites were introduced I was concerned about my translations up till then and got a personal, reassuring call from James Allsworth- he said stop now, but don't worry. It doesn't seem to have done anything terrible to my German sales.

There are separate websites for each language with the appropriate national TLD.- .de, .fr, .es and .it.

I used to include some but now the only ones I translate are placenames, as Robert says.

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for basic terms i would not worry.   where i have seen issues are foreign words that people use in English,  and in other supported languages local specific appellation.   



A few example from Way of St-James/Camino de Santiago.



Pilgrims have gotten used to use some Spanish words such as 'Camino' 'Albergue' .  I have seen these terms used in English language searches, and if you only have the English term 'Way' 'Hostel' you will not come up in search.



On other side the French term for the Camino is "Chemin de Compostelle " , if you only have the English and the Spanish appellation,  it will not translate to the commonly used term on alamyimages.fr and you will not show up. 



but these are extremely  specific.  in all honesty i would be more worried to make sure you have all the variables of the English language for the basics. Colour/Color Football/Soccer etc. 




added: an italian example i think would be to have Farfalle, but also bows, bowties and butterfly pasta.

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