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  1. Hello David, thanks for the tip about the captions. I like my captions to be a bit allusive and metaphoric, but I guess that in an environment like Alamy a factual description is more apt. Best, Andrea
  2. In fact in Italian to be "al fresco" means to be in prison 😂 (presumably because in old times prison cells where located underground, so the temperature there was never hot)
  3. As I said, until retirement photography will be a hobby, so I'm in no rush to monetize. Thanks for your wishes, Edo. The situation in Italy looks grim but our large number of infected is mainly due to our policy of testing all people that came in close contact with previously infected people, whereas other European nations have chosen to test only people that show symptoms. Fact is that there's a large number of people that get infected and never show symptoms so the number of infected in, say, France and Germany may be grossly underestimated. I am afraid that soon the situation in other
  4. Hi Paulette, thanks for your comment. I am indeed mostly interested in the "fine arts" side of photography. In fact most of my production is black&white. I will have to adjust to what are the trends here, but as for now I am not in a rush to sell so I'll take my time to learn. Best, Andrea
  5. Hi Edo, thanks for your comment. I do photography in my spare time and uploading thousands of pictures will take me some time! But maybe I'll reach that level one day. Best, Andrea
  6. Hello, I am a new member and started uploading pictures on Alamy just a few days ago. I have a question: would it be useful to add tags in other languages than English? For instance, if I have a picture of a dog, would it make any sense to write in tags dog, chien, Hund, cane, perro, and so on? I started added some tags in my native Italian to my pictures, but immediately started wondering if that may be at all useful. Thanks in advance to whoever will feel to reply|
  7. Hi! I am an amateur photographer living in Torino, Italy, I started uploading pictures on Alamy just a few days ago. I only have about a dozen at this point, but I plan to have more in a not too long time; the figure should get to the several hundreds eventually. My idea is to upload the pictures that have no "fine arts" ambitions and I would have no plans to sell otherwise. Please feel free to visit either my webpage (link in my profile) or my Alamy uploads and leave your opinion on my work. All suggestions to make my Alamy experience more rewarding are warmly welcomed.
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