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You have some lovely images. Wildlife is mostly my thing and I can tell you it is difficult. We are competing with famous photographers here, the National Geographic Collection included. It helps to include Latin names (Panthera leo for your lion) and be very complete in your keywords and captions. What is the animal doing, etc. My photos of people are a tiny part of my portfolio and they sell more often than the animals. You seem to have captioned and keyworded your tribal images in a batch so they are not accurate. If it is a child you should only have "child" and "children". The same with men and women and add whatever behavior is in the images. You need more images and more variety. None of it is very easy here but many of your images are salable in my opinion. Just don't expect miracles. We all struggle a bit.



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As Paulette says you have some lovely images, and need more added to your portfolio, with the inclusion of the latin names for animals and plants. I am just going out of the door so do not have time to give examples of specific images, but I noticed that your keywords need to be looked at very carefully. You need to say what is in the image. I noticed you have some of a village in Italy, you mention snow, there is no snow in the image (there were others that were not appropriate, but as I say rushing out). One of your lion images says mouth open....it is not. If you have a lion, include singular and plural ( some people may just search for lion or some search for lions even if they do not necessarily want an image with more than one) . You include photograph in your keywords, not necessary.  you have an image of yellow and red peppers (?) tomatoes (?) not sure what they are, but you have it keywords as main coon cat. Some images with the horses you say women but there are not any in the image. An image of people buying fish in Zanzibar, you say Masai (I am pretty sure they are not) and you have words like hunger, holy , why? Hope this helps. Take time to look at them all very carefully while you only have a few because when you have thousands it will be a nightmare to go back through them. 

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Hi There, I'm new too and am yet to sell. But looking at your second image I thin you could enhance your position with a stronger caption and more tags which may (or may not) help. The cow has long horns (we don't have those in Australia) so up to 50 image tags you have more you could add 'long horn cow' 'cow with calf' 'rancher on horseback' (gaucho?) 'traditional cattle farming' 'sunny day' 'rancher with stock whip' 'mounted rancher and cattle in pasture' 'grey long horn cow' 'italian animal husbandry' 'stock farming' 'pasture' 


is this traditional farming? For meat or for dairy? All these questions can and I think should be answered in the tags and descriptions. I ask myself questions about my picture to help me write the caption then the tags. I love the shots; you've got lovely good quality pictures. Taking a little more time to make a more complete picture with the words; I am hoping will help make me sales. I hope it helps you  too.


Cheers, Kent.

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7 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

Janna, in 5 years you have only submitted 226 pictures. You're not really in the game. 

And appears to be yet another person who asks for advice and then completely ignores it or even acknowledge it :( 

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