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  1. I made two sales this month. One of an Omega on display for what I suspect is a 'high' rate (Heading towards 200 AUD is that high?) The other an old post war house in Brisbane Australia, LOW! But not stupid low.. I'm happy to at last sell a Brisbane Image! What worries me is I've had two of these 'high?' sales now but neither have been cleared. The previous was July last year; still not paid. So I'm happy as I've only been at this a year now, but I've only cleared the 50 minimum to payout once; 10% of my total sales to date. Not happy.
  2. My point s that I have a contract with Alamy, the client has a contract too; there is no refund shown - do these people, Alamy - ever pursue payment - I've done my part of the trade (lent) my image = $$) I'm the one holding the bag.
  3. At which point one definitely pulls down all images and closes account.
  4. I've made 8 sales now including this shot of my snakey stick for a second time and for better money. Well, assuming I ever see the money. I now have $301 in sales with a massive $34 'cleared' with the biggest sale of $170 in July 2020 obviously still not paid. I don't remember contracting Alamy to borrow money from me - do they ever ask 'clients' to pay? https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=CC1E5768-4321-4A74-A0BD-3F180BD0F19C
  5. Hi Andrea, spent some time in beautiful Italy a couple of years ago. A wonderful country. I'm also new here, it will be interesting to see how we go. Love your spartan B&W architecture and 'underground' shots I found on your website. Cheers, Kent.
  6. Thanks M.E. it's a temping work around. THough i don't see why we cant have some sort of - sort actions - 'by date' 'filename'. As one might expect. My latest upload is 156 pictures and other than a couple of 'sets' the images are strewn across a wide number of rows. It does make things a lot more difficult and I've had to work on not getting cranky! We know they use the date stamp in the meta so i imagine it should not be too hard to implement a sort action. Might take your advice and do my next upload in 'sets' though. Thank you.
  7. I can't help but notice that after my images have passed QC they are in what seems to be in the image manager in a mostly random sequence . On occasion some images that go together are grouped together, but others are split apart. The pictures do not seem to be sorted by date/time or even by filename as far as I can tell - I suspect it's fixed by upload timing. This is an issue of some significance as I am typically uploading around 50 or so pictures at a time, often of differning shot dates and subjects. They should be grouped to speed up work flow but I have to jump about trying to locate t
  8. No need to sell/buy this image; it had already done it's work for free!!!! but give them 10 years and someone may remember and want a copy.
  9. yYes, was just remembering going out to shoot construction on the fly.. Not on private property; is not taken well; and tracts the wrong sort of attention. Best to keep moving. But all good when you are commissioned; as I too sometimes were --?
  10. Hi There, I'm new too and am yet to sell. But looking at your second image I thin you could enhance your position with a stronger caption and more tags which may (or may not) help. The cow has long horns (we don't have those in Australia) so up to 50 image tags you have more you could add 'long horn cow' 'cow with calf' 'rancher on horseback' (gaucho?) 'traditional cattle farming' 'sunny day' 'rancher with stock whip' 'mounted rancher and cattle in pasture' 'grey long horn cow' 'italian animal husbandry' 'stock farming' 'pasture' is this traditional farming? For meat or for dairy?
  11. Not the only time but most memorable. Late 2012 at Circular Quay Sydney; I have my brand new Fuji X-Pro1 and a 60mm lens with long shade on it. I'm staying in the one spot, but not for long and I'm photographing the legs and feet of people walking by - because I want a banner shot for my blog Street Fashion Sydney.. Well two Maritime Services Rangers quickly turn up (that whole area is some special zone) and start asking me what I'm doing. Then some guy next to me tells them 'I was pointing the camera at him'. I look him up and down, giving him the once over and - in front of the two ranges sa
  12. Hi George, I'm six weeks new myself. Hope it goes well for you. Cheers :-) Kent
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