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  1. Kent Johnson

    Alamy Measures

    I'm here looking for buyers so money spent is the best statistic for me. I would like some wildcard search options so I can investigate the search database better though.
  2. I experienced this today on a friends computer. Page blank!!! So I searched a term for an easy to find image of mine, clicked my name on the image and there they all where. Now if I can just work out how to 'successfully' upload a profile image (it rejects the google image link) and sort out that portfolio page too - I saw one today with multiple subject tabs - that looks interesting! More research required!
  3. Paul - Stock & Roll!!! This must be working for you. I see in the stats that celebrities are searched quite a lot. Are celebrity stock sales strong? Cheers, Kent.
  4. Hi Alamy, I'm very grateful that you allow us to view stats for alamy search. It's nice but I suspect that subjects I want to research I do not always know the first word for. If I want to search for information about 'Paris Holiday' the result will be different if I searched for 'Holiday Paris'. In face it I want to search about Paris, it would be possibly be more useful to see a lit of things in search that were before the word Paris. A wildercars '* Paris' search would show a listing of words/subjects before 'Paris' which will be a radically different list to 'Paris *[wildcard]' which is the list I currently see. Would implementation of wildcard search on the alamy measures be possible? Thank you for your consideration. This could help sellers target buyers much more effectively.
  5. If you are genuinely concerned about how your images are used I recommend you change your settings to Rights Managed. May not sell as much but they will be more tightly controlled. Don't know if it also affects image resolution.
  6. I did do a quick search.. and did not spot anything; so what I am wondering is. Is a zoom when someone clicks on a picture from the mosaic page of images? [OR] is a zoom when they enlarge a picture after clicking onto a particular picture? Curious to know, probably dead obvious once you do! Thank you.
  7. Thanks Betty, I've updated the title on the peking duck and enhanced the title on the crab dish (which was page one already) so should improve. Must say it's quite overwhelming getting all the information done well! But hopefully worth it. Thanks for the compliment too, much appreciated.
  8. Hi Sally, the 'what to shoot' page has a lot of Australian architecture/house that alamy want for stock. god knows who if anyone is buying! My pictures are part of a 10+ year project about where I grew up in Brisbane so I have hundreds of images. We will see if anything sells. No doubt situation is the same in WA. Strangely have very little desire to pursue similar shots in Sydney where I live.
  9. I have been putting mine on another site that then sends them to this site and other partner sites. although I am yet to make a sale, the starting price they have is about 2199 pound not 9.99! I had an email this morning saying they paid 1300 sales out last few days. It is not hard to work out who they are; I don't think I should mention it directly. Mind you even alamy must be doing better at those prices.
  10. It's a brave new world. Which is why though I have a long and disciplined training in photography, going back over 35 years of practice. i like to be pragmatic and engage as best I can (though I don't like Instagram!!!) lots of little details learnt over the past couple of days. Thanks again.
  11. I read you had done that just the other day. I've been trying to learn as much as I can reading the forums. Typically my grain is not for effect. Certainly not for artistic mood. I'ts simply part of my multi step editing process that has been built up over nearly two decades of image processing and; and not meant to draw attention to itself. Though... sometimes it seems to. But then they love very clean files here which is not my default setting. I'm always learning! :-) Cheers, Kent
  12. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to my understanding of the situation with the picture. I did email QC detailing why I thought the image had been marked excessively hard - using information from you here in the forum. QC agreed and reversed the decision the set has been passed. I have also learnt a lot about Skies, softness and not pushing too far to the edge of QC, so that is really great. Thanks again, much appreciated. I hope I can return the favoutr in the future to other photographers here needing help. I will also say this image was somewhat atypical of my work. If you wander what i do my website is here, http://www.kentjohnsonphotography.com.au/ Cheers, Kent.
  13. Hi Mark, when I RAW converter from the Fuji I use the current version of Silkypix which is the authorised software of Fujifilm. It is extremely powerful and flexible. There were issues back in 2012 with the converters but these have been overcome. I don't use lightroom! Cheers, Kent.
  14. Hi Mark; thank you. My main occasional problem is more a kind of pixelation, or blocking in nearly contiguous sky. If I'm doing sunsets where I expect a problem or a need for flexibility I do shoot RAW. In fact I shoot RAW 100% of the time with my Nikons (but that's another story). That said I have raw converted and still ended up with some minor banding. Yesterday I painted in Dfine Noise reduction on the image and it gave me a pretty good result. But a boring sky. I like the way I add grain which is not a slider in photoshop! I don't particularly like the look of most digital photography files. I edit virtually every day if I'm not out shooting. On a positive, the decision was reversed after I sent an email detailing the issue! So all good and I will be more sky vigilant. My normal work is here if you wonder what I really shoot.. http://www.kentjohnsonphotography.com.au/
  15. Hi Sally, Thank you. Hope all is well over in Perth! Strange times here in Australia. Love those birds on your page, really beautiful images beautifully rendered. Cheers, Kent.
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